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Sometimes, when in the mood for society, we would invite the remaining babies to tea and entertain them with wild strawberries on plates of horse-chestnut leaves; but no one less innocent and easily pleased than a baby would be permitted to darken the effulgence of our sunny cottage-- indeed, I don't suppose that anybody wiser would care to come.
The hovering cloud cast over me by my aunt's views, and by the fear of not obtaining her consent, was lost in the bright effulgence of my own hopes, and the too delightful consciousness of requited love.
Then come out those fiery effulgences, infernally superb; then the evil-blazing diamond, once the divinest symbol of the crystal skies, looks like some crown-jewel stolen from the King of Hell.
Aaron and the rest of the Israelites shrink from Moses because of the effulgence, and thereafter, he takes up the practice of veiling his face except for occasions when he retreats and listens to God's words.
in order to draw the light and effulgence of the Shekhinah also over his body and animal soul .
Make these phenomenal forms a mirror of the effulgence of Thy Beauty, not a cause of veiling and remoteness, and cause these phantasmal pictures to become the means of our knowledge and vision, not a cause of ignorance and blindness.
What this world lacked is an engaging tension between commitment and transgression--the social and personal rhythm that sets up a viable interplay among the affirmation of norms, the allure of forbidden desire, and the evanescent effulgence of liminal invitations or non-fixated events of "transcendence.
The meaning for Sappho was achieved in the achievement of being, as the effulgence thereof.
manifests himself [as] a Fourth of July effulgence fireworking its path across the night sky; and yet, because of the centuries he has spent dormant in the tumulus, there is a foundedness as well as a lambency about him.
In the writings of the Bab, religion is characterized as the product of the interaction between the divine effulgence and the current stage of human spiritual and social development," writes Dr.
The festival reminds us of spiritual effulgence of Jesus Christ's teachings that could help realise the vision of a peaceful and harmonious world.
In pure Animal Farm fashion, what followed has revealed less equity, effulgence, and decency than was the case under an inequitable, but comparatively more decent and prosperous Algerie Francaise.
and their effulgence into action films (Superman), stylized horror (The Shining) and the auteur of violence of Scorcese and, yes, Tarantino.
No sooner was it declared open than fireworks lit up the night in floral effulgence.
And in his upbeat mode of happy effulgence, Crane may be confident enough to choose victory in both love and art.