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In this extract then, the participant is narratively asserting her personal agency to emigrate, by employing psycho-discursive practices which in turn construct her personal effortfulness and her expectations of the emigration.
Here, in brief, Ioli is asserting not only her entrepreneurial 'ethos' and effortfulness (eg 1.
The second discursive strategy in the accounts is the assertion of personal agency, via the articulation of a narrative account of the subject's effortfulness (Kesisoglou, Figgou & Dikaiou 2016; Gibson 2009, 2011) and mobility.
Gibson (2009, 2011) argues that the significance of the mobilisation of the trope of effortfulness in the act of accounting lies in the common sense assumption of individual responsibility for 'making an effort', despite societal conditions, ie the labour market and the regime of precarious work.
Rank ordering of the effortfulness of responses from least to most showed the following order: Saying, "I want .
Shepard (1988) refers to the subjective effortfulness of imagined transformations, such as the mental rotation of objects and patterns, which make them subjectively distinguishable from passively perceived motion, and indeed it is entirely plausible that these internal manipulations share at least some of the properties of overt voluntary action and in all probability some of the same brain mechanisms.
Human fixed interval performance as related to response effortfulness and to initial point.
Shepard (1988) refers to the subjective effortfulness of imagined transformations such as mental rotations, whilst Paivio asserts 'all mental transformations engage motor processes that derive originally from active manipulations of the referent objects .