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requiring great physical effort

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These studies determined the effect of prior effort on subsequent stimuli by using choices between stimuli that followed an effortful event and those that followed a less effortful event.
2009), 'The Effortful Citizen: Discursive Social Psychology and Welfare Reform', Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, vol.
From the literature, there is a general consensus suggesting that positive mood leads an individual to use less effortful and heuristic information processing, while negative mood recruits a more systematic, analytical, and elaborate style of thinking (see Forgas, 1995; Forgas, 2013).
1993), Japan (Kusanagi, 1993) and Netherlands (Sleddens, Kremer, De Vries, and Thijs, 2013) populations have revealed three first-order categories among the basic, theoretically established dimensions: surgency/extraversion, negative affectivity, and effortful control.
With regard to the second-order structure, the theoretical model that best fits the data is the one which proposes a factorial structure with three factors: affiliativeness (affiliation, pleasure sensitivity, perceptual sensitivity and activity level, all with positive loadings), effortful control (activation control and frustration, the latter with negative loading) and surgency (high intensity pleasure, activity level and shyness, the latter with negative loading).
2011), self-esteem (Brown & Ryan, 2003, Thompson & Waltz, 2008) and effortful control (Eberth & Sedlmeier, 2012) and no differences are expected to be observed by sex or age (Cunha, Galhardo, & Pinto-Gouveia, 2013, Greco et al.
In the current study, we tested whether sleep problems are associated with effortful control (i.
Type 2, or slow thinking, involves more open-minded, rational, deliberate, and effortful thinking.
lacking in engagement with her: Leonel Pinheiro an effortful Don Jose, Nicholas Lester barely dangerous as the charismatic Escamillo.
To summarize, C3 was the least accurate controller in reproducing the six target postures; however, it tended to be the fastest and least effortful controller.
According to Wolf (2010), Socrates believed "only the intellectually effortful process of probing, analysing and internalizing knowledge would enable the young to develop a lifelong, personal approach to knowing and thinking, which could lead them to their ultimate goals--wisdom and virtue.
The researchers also said that one of the central findings of our human walking research is that it is very important to time the push-off of your back leg to make walking less effortful.
The volume of effortful memorization undertaken by the teller of a tale is matched by the effortful participation of his audience.
Everyone else busts a gut, too, but their combined efforts look, well, effortful.
What is required instead is a "constructive, effortful process where the learner actively reorganizes perceptions and makes inferences.