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requiring great physical effort

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lacking in engagement with her: Leonel Pinheiro an effortful Don Jose, Nicholas Lester barely dangerous as the charismatic Escamillo.
To summarize, C3 was the least accurate controller in reproducing the six target postures; however, it tended to be the fastest and least effortful controller.
According to Wolf (2010), Socrates believed "only the intellectually effortful process of probing, analysing and internalizing knowledge would enable the young to develop a lifelong, personal approach to knowing and thinking, which could lead them to their ultimate goals--wisdom and virtue.
The researchers also said that one of the central findings of our human walking research is that it is very important to time the push-off of your back leg to make walking less effortful.
The volume of effortful memorization undertaken by the teller of a tale is matched by the effortful participation of his audience.
What is required instead is a "constructive, effortful process where the learner actively reorganizes perceptions and makes inferences.
DoS has correlated positively with secure adult attachment (Skow-ron & Dendy, 2004), and Skowron and Dendy (2004) found that DoS predicted effortful control over and above adult attachment security.
mindlessness) or when individuals fail to appropriately switch between automatic and effortful behavior (Luis & Sutton, 1991).
System 1" cognition is unconscious, fast, and associative, while "System 2" involves effortful, conscious reasoning.
In fact, research has shown that effortful self-presentation techniques, such as intimidation, consume more valued resources (Vohs et al.
Procedures are also linked to enhanced activity in fronto-parietal brain regions and this is thought to reflect effortful processing.
In what seems an effortful reassurance of American hegemony, his argument remains nonpersuasive.
Kapur's record, however, overshadowed Englishman Phillip Archer's effortful six- under 66, which helped him jump from overnight 11th to sole third place.
In particular, fetal nicotine may be associated with impairment in areas recruited for the effortful control of behavior in later childhood, a time when task-orientation and industriousness are imperative for academic success.