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a foul-smelling outflow or vapor (especially a gaseous waste)

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This coal, from places like the Powder River Basin, began as giant ferns and other plants flourishing in the lush effluvial plains of what is now Wyoming about 55 million years ago.
Even as the credits roll, the surface image is an angry, boiling orange-red and effluvial brown.
The prose is effluvial, a stream of thoughts and half-thoughts (sometimes too obviously passing), delivered in scarlet-waistcoated style.
From memory, I recall Rottger, my book's hangman, as reeking of mothballs and celery (try it, you might like it), taunting the condemned with foul sexual and effluvial sneers.
I showed them fences that were down, wells that were leaking chemicals, reserve pits that weren't lined," he says, referring to half-acre areas bulldozed to hold the effluvial mix of petrochemicals and water from the drilling process.
In The Right Stuff, his stirring tale of the first astronauts, he describes it as "a torrid effluvial swamp with a mass of mushy asphalt, known as Downtown, set in the middle".