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Synonyms for effluent

Synonyms for effluent

that is flowing outward


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She was tasked by the court on January 20 to prepare a report on disposal of effluent in five big cities, including Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan.
You have not even visited Nooriabad where untreated effluent falls into the K.
The treatment bed comprised of briquettes of coal fly ash coupled with commercial coagulant ferrous sulfate-lime reduced COD, color, turbidity and TSS of effluent remarkably.
AV Terrace Bay runs a pulp mill converting wood into pulp using a kraft pulping process, which generates industrial effluent that undergoes primary and secondary treatment prior to being discharged into Lake Superior via Blackbird Creek.
To ensure the effluent was still being treated efficiently according to the required standard, Ceres commissioned Veolia to conduct a full audit into the plants operation and performance in September 2014.
Effluent limitations serve as the primary mechanism in NPDES permits for controlling effluent discharge to receiving waters.
The soil receiving industrial effluent and reference soil collected from Tahsil Ghotki indicated highest concentration of the amino acids Asp Glu Ala Val at level-A but the reference samples collected from Taluka Sadiqabad indicated slightly different pattern with Asp Val Glu Ala at A level.
The total heterotrophic bacterial (THB) count and total hydrocarbon utilisers (THU) from all the effluent samples rang ed from 3.
location of plant and effluent quality requirement (sometimes quoted as a Consent Level).
In the UK the company traditionally used low solids content lime suspension to treat effluent which is collected in two separate sumps, one for chromic acid based and the other for phosphoric/sulphuric based effluent.
The environmental pollution effect and the volume of released effluent were determined too and the effluent prediction equation was estimated.
Treated sewage water must be evaluated to ensure that the levels of bacteria returning into the effluent water supply are acceptable.
Murugan said the farmlands are getting affected as effluent water from illegal dyeing units gets mixed with the river water, and thus affects the crops.
Sindh government has refused to install combined effluent treatment plants (CETP) in Landhi and Korangi industrial areas and told industrialists to do it themselves.