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the process of flowing out

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filled latrines and spread the effluence into the water sources in Mathiang, Jangok, Malow, Pamach and
The initiative is aimed at 10-year-old children who undergo an eight-week course which covers different areas such as about the effects of tobacco use, sleep deprivation, the effluence of water and discussions on the health benefits of physical activities.
Nearly 700 MGD of effluence is being generated every month in the Capital.
Like Heffer's image of humans drowning in their own garbage, we have continued to pour our pollutants into the environment, literally choking the planet with our effluence and almost ensuring an ecological end for terra firma if massive changes in environmental policies aren't made immediately.
Paphos experienced some of the worst ever pollution in its seas last year, mostly consisting of human effluence.
He discusses assessing the effluent quality, the biosorption of Cu(II) onto agricultural materials from tropical regions, cyclic sorption and desorption of Cu(II) onto coconut shell and iron oxide coated sand, modeling the kinetics of Cu(II) bisorption onto coconut shell and Morina oleifera seeds from tropical regions, removing Cu(II) by biosorption onto coconut shell in fixed-bed column systems, and treating gold mining effluence in pilot fixed bed sorption systems.
The varied effluence is a testament to the multiple sources that have reduced the basin to its current state.
Raymond's Swinburne's Poetics (1971), and Jerome McGann's witty, jocund Swinburne: An Experiment in Criticism (1972), there was a momentary effluence of academic work on the topic--most notably David G.
Provision of Water Supply Systems in the Villages affected by effluence sugar mills in Tehsil Phalia, District Mandi Bahauddin with cost of around US$ 4 million, Establishment of the Waste water Treatment Facility in Tehsil Pattoki, District Kasur worth US$ 4 million, Establishment of the Capacity Building Center for Agriculture and Livestock Technology at Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi with cost of US$ 3.
However, as long as the choreographers, authors, and artists remain shrouded in anonymity, mass spectacle and poster art alike simply are the effluence of a world view in which mute workers, whose only recompense is the national pride inculcated in them by the state, labor like ants to create gigantic pyramids.
What we do is send an initial letter if effluence is on the ground," she said.
These problems may range from sewage back-up to sewage odors permeating the outdoor areas of the property and beyond or even effluence within their garden areas.
for [the soul of the lover] is warmed by the reception of the effluence of beauty through his eyes, which is the natural nourishment of his plumage, and with that warmth there is a melting of the parts around its base, which have long since become hard and closed up, so preventing it from sprouting, and with the incoming stream of nourishment the quills of the feathers swell and set to growing from their roots under the whole form of the soul; for formerly the whole of it was winged.
Near a culvert's effluence, the topwater Spook disappeared in white froth created by a sizable bronze back.
The university is working with the city to pump the effluence from the plant to campus to use for irrigation.