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the process of flowing out

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Surrounded by 30 municipalities and cities, the lake has become the catch basin for industrial effluence and residential waste water.
It is true that Brother Obama brought a whiff of inviting, cool and fresh air, necessary to purify the effluence of Bush and his gang of neocons, but the only changes that Obama has wrought so far are cosmetic at best.
E has available two strategies: abate effluence (A), do not abate effluence (NA); similarly, L has available two strategies: pay E not to pollute or protect against E's effluence (P), do not pay E or do not protect against E's effluence (NP).
The sewerage plant is used for leakage from the garbage cell and liquid effluence from factories, wineries and so on.
This needs for an effective urban planning instrument to confirm universal distribution of simple municipal amenities, regulator of the spread of slums, reducing of effluence and the control of crime and political might [Khan, et al.
3), have turned black due to a chemical reaction with the polluted effluence pouring into the drain.
There is an effluence of divinity in the first sketch; and there, if anywhere, you find the pure light of inspiration, which the subsequent toil of the artist serves to bring out in stronger lustre, indeed, but likewise adulterates it with what belongs to an inferiour mood.
Where there's muck there's brass," went the voiceover, as Ann Widdecombe glumly sifted through an ankledeep stream of human effluence.
He found himself drifting along with the effluence as it was flushed out of the holding ponds, and finding an unexpected peace in the chaos of the moment.
Do we hope to perpetuate a world where affluence can continue to wall itself off from the very effluence and poverty it creates as its constituting condition?
It's great to see it has been built by a British company and it's great to see Nestle give it the support because this is one of the first that delivers on scale in terms of cleaning the water and using the effluence.
Benzotriazole, for instance, is one of the commonly used inhibitors for copper-based materials due to its high corrosion efficiency, but its toxicity and difficulty to remove from effluence during wastewater treatment have make it a less desirable choice [8].
And, at the same time, World Wildlife Fund's Jason Clay warns us that "Food production is the biggest threat to the planet today, whether to habitat, to biodiversity, to deforestation, to water take, to water effluence, to chemical use, to greenhouse gases".
He will not touch the vile, dangerous effluence, instead removing it most carefully with tree leaves.