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bursting into flower


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In an Astaire movie little appears to happen - a few spins, twists, a jumping step which can lead to a Latin beat and all of it totally efflorescent and as light as a feather.
Hooker would not have sins so conveniently forgotten; his whole enterprise as spiritual physician was predicated on the persistence of God's tussle with efflorescent sin, and, accordingly, on the sinner's consciousness of the sin-suppressing obligation that prevails from day to day.
as opposed to form, the efflorescent seed case unveiling
A more common problem with boundary walls is that of white efflorescent salts.
2: the film's rhapsodically efflorescent visual style (kudos to cinematographer Kwan Punleung and art director William Chang) verges on the experimental: constantly shifting colour saturation, smeared printing, frantically abrupt jump cutting, and a nervously mobile, subjectively fidgety camera keep the audience off balance.
Growth of gypsum as an efflorescent alteration product is more likely to occur at right angles to the painted surface than to the direction of brushing.