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bursting into flower


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Surrealism, then, was launched within a European society in which no standards could be assumed for simultaneous cultural and political transgression, a situation made evident in the heterogeneous visual program of Fascism that promoted an efflorescent culture but bolstered oppressive regimes.
According to Taylor, these created the popular image of the Bright Young People, retailing the excesses of the privileged young to an audience "for whom the column was a kind of raree-show of remote and efflorescent exotica" (185).
All the comedians, with the exception of the efflorescent Peter Kay, were below par.
conspire to restrain and subdue the efflorescent gothic sentiment of the
15) A burning mine has contaminated the "sterile volcanic" land around Le Tartaret: "The dark red calcined rocks had taken on an efflorescent coating of alum, like leprosy.
embraces the doctrinally homogenizing, inferential, efflorescent scientia of the baroque Thomist commentators and eschews what he regards to be the speculatively inferior, historical contextualization of Aquinas's thought by 20th-century scholars (16; 213 n.
The early Nineties were the years of efflorescent multiculturalism and of the backlash against it in the so-called "culture wars.
Consumption of smokeless tobacco in the form of chewing and alcoholic beverage, "toddy" derived from the efflorescent spathe of the coconut palm is widely prevalent among the Nicobarese tribe.