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Synonyms for efflorescence

a condition or time of vigor and freshness

Synonyms for efflorescence

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms

a powdery deposit on a surface

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The tile coated with the novel polymer-based coating does not show any salt or defect on the surface, indicating outstanding efflorescence resistance.
The variety of these projects has required our range of products and expertise: for the Kempinski Hotel, we provided a water-repellent protection for exterior limestone that both maintains the natural look of the surface in all environmental conditions and is a perfect waterproofing solution against moss and mould formation, efflorescence, and yellowing.
John Clements, via email ABLACK tiles and grout are the worst colour to have when you're getting efflorescence of salts from the cement and bricks.
During the first half of the 18th century, says Fulco, the principalities of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation witnessed a remarkable efflorescence of palace fresco painting executed largely by Italian artists.
PATRICIA BENNETT ATHE circles might be from the cement dabs that are used to lay the slabs and efflorescence from the cement working through them - this is salt in the concrete that migrates to the surface when the concrete is wet.
Beauty is the abundance of a variety of colors appearing as the efflorescence of the nature's blooms.
The best way to describe how successful this exhibition has been in one word is efflorescence -- a flowering out -- of beauty.
But the latest concept in this culinary efflorescence is eating blindfolded, a craze that is delighting city foodies to no end.
According to Retro Plate Concrete Polishing Systems' website, “Concrete in its 'natural' state is a porous product that is susceptible to efflorescence, spalling and dusting; and it does not provide an aesthetic finish, nor is it easily cleaned.
Concrete has unique properties that can cause paint to deteriorate, including efflorescence, a leaching of minerals from inside the concrete to the.
of Milan) sample the ample contemporary accounts of the court at Baghdad during al-Mutadir's long reign, and try to account for the conflicting discourses of political decline and cultural efflorescence.
A The white substance is efflorescence -- salts left on the surface after water, which dissolved them from the masonry, has evaporated.
It symbolizes India's great cultural and educational efflorescence in the years to come.
IN THE 1910S AND '20S, Georgia was a nexus of cultural exchange, where diverse strains of modernism intermingled and produced singular forms--an efflorescence checked by the enforced hegemony of socialist realism.
Lin said that TGI's low-Fe patterned solar glass can be used to cover solar module with low iron, high transmittance, consistent gauge, easy tempering, low self-cracking, efflorescence resistance, impact resistance.