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Synonyms for efflorescence

a condition or time of vigor and freshness

Synonyms for efflorescence

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

the time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms

a powdery deposit on a surface

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Figure 2, efflorescence occurs when moisture carries salts to the coating's surface, resulting in white deposits over the paint film.
Evidently, rain penetrated the mortar joints, or more likely, the chimney cap or faulty flashing, and carried the dissolved salts deeply into the chimney all the way through to the hearth, where you found the efflorescence.
In 2004, a Corps inspection--conducted by the New York District--showed that leaks were present behind a buildup of efflorescence (crystallization that had accumulated on the dam's surface), raising concerns that there could be a more serious problem down the road if the dam was left unmonitored.
There has been an efflorescence of literature on the altered strategic environment since the end of the Cold War, on aspects of this new arms control agenda, on why deterrence as classically conceived either works or does not work.
The shimmering gold efflorescence of the golden rain tree (Koelreuteria elegans), whose large clusters of bright yellow flowers turn to rosy, papery seedpods, is the first to herald autumn.
These five as a group illustrate the complexity of the Jain contributions to Indian philosophy as well as the sort of internal debate that fueled this efflorescence of epistemological thought.
was characterized by an enormous efflorescence of voluntary organizations.
It is as if the problem were, to put it in plain terms, if Islam was responsible for the glory of medieval Islamic civilization and the emergence of hundreds of scientists who taught not only Muslims but also Europeans, then why is the same Islam not creating the same circumstances of scientific efflorescence today (or, to put the second question negatively, why is Islam responsible for the decay and scientific backwardness that one sees today in the Islamic world).
4) It is one thing to deny that the Revolution was made by a bourgeoisie to clear the way for the efflorescence of capitalism, but it is another to deny the very existence of a bourgeoisie, understood as a relatively comfortable urban group without privileges.
The good news about efflorescence is once you have brushed it off, it will not come back.
On exterior surfaces, efflorescence is usually only of aesthetic concern.
Fled is the efflorescence of song as worlds mourn, gone is the rhapsodizing of love as the cold congregation of seasons clusters, huddles together to unveil monuments of memory that scorn sallies of moving language other than the old kaddish that draws a torrent of tears in puddles.
While this literary efflorescence is welcome, only time will tell how many works have an enduring value.
In this study the author seeks 'to illumine the sudden efflorescence and the adamantine resilience of the tradition of Our Lady of Guadalupe' in Mexican history.