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a rhythmic stroking

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Effleurage is the least invasive, wherein the therapist makes use of long and sweeping strokes to cover more than just one area of the body usually to initiate the treatment, warm up the body, and provide a sense of interconnectedness from one part of the body to the others.
Wook also revealed that one of the golden rules in the traditional massage was to first effleurage (stroking movement in massage) the masseur before doing the same on the partner.
1995) Effleurage massage, muscle blood flow and long-term post-exercise strength recovery.
El masaje puede ser un effleurage, pince-roule, petrissage.
Generalement, Richard termine son massage par un effleurage sur une plus grande partie du corps, pour signaler que le massage s'acheve.
Anything that encourages kids to spell properly is a good thing, though I'd settle for great instead of gr8, let alone words like xanthosis, effleurage and logorrhea.
The "Bradley" method recommends several natural techniques to augment labor, including effleurage (stroking the abdomen), showering to relieve pain and relax, and nipple simulation to induce uterine contractions.
The most common site is the back and common techniques are effleurage and petrissage.
Effleurage uses light and hard stroking, resulting in improved circulation to the heart and blood vessels.
Effleurage - Firmer and applied in the opposite direction, from periphery to the centre.
l Stroking Called effleurage, rhythmic, flowing hand movements form the basis of massage and help warm the muscles and stimulate blood flow.
She demonstrates basics like a hot or cold pack and effleurage (light massage on the belly).
Massage strokes are called effleurage and keep the blood and lymph systems working in tip- top condition, helping to maintain a healthy balance in the body.
The most common technique in America is known as effleurage or Swedish massage, a gentle stroking and kneading, sometimes with tapping, clapping, or similar percussive hand movements.
Nursing education traditionally includes basic massage techniques such as the long, light strokes known as effleurage and kneading or petrissage (Merlo, 2012).