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Effing added: I am very pleased to support and advise Textechno with the expansion of their global activities in the rapidly growing lightweight sector.
They've even built an effing roof to keep him dry and he complains about that too
And before you can say Jack effing Robinson, you'll have David Dimbleby peering over his specs and asking to take the next effing question from the effing audience.
Then he said `We've got more effing culture in this place than anywhere else.
This man's identity, "Thomas Effing," then turns out to be a fifty-four-year ruse, as Marco discovers in transcribing the man's orally narrated autobiography.
When asked to introduce Arthur to perform his song 'save me' on stage, the 34-year-old singer called him "the effing brilliant James Arthur," the Mirror reported.
award (Profanity Is Spectacular Here) is hereby awarded to Effing and Blinding, the two baseballcapped gents that my boys and I encountered in a lift last week.
I was dictating this to a copy-taker who interrupted me about halfway through to say: "You haven't given me the effing score.
I was effing and blinding and realised everyone was watching.
He's effing rude, effing sexist and every effing word is an effing swear word - but there's no denying he's entertaining.
After I had ridden to the gallops and somehow become detached from the rest of the string, a huge voice came booming out from behind a tree: "What the effing hell are you doing?
Mr Osborne said: "If he can't, surely the Secretary of State for Pensions (John Hutton) is right - you'll make an effing awful Prime Minister.