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Given that airlines and airports must operate more efficiently, that leaves one considerable problem--implementation.
BIG-IP's Unified Application Infrastructure Services represent the most cohesive set of functionality, allowing organizations to more efficiently combine, target and extend the services required to improve the efficiency of each application deployment.
The Department of Water and Power paid the consultant, the Barrington- Wellesley Group, $1 million to identify ways the municipal utility could operate more efficiently.
The software handles basic storage management tasks, such as tape reclamation, data archiving and expiration, and point-in-time restores so efficiently that operation staff no longer need to manage tapes or even know where the data is.
After evaluating several ad-serving solutions and their system requirements, the company decided that Open AdStream', from Real Media, was the solution that most efficiently and effectively met its requirements.
We have been entrusted with the privilege of supplying key composite parts to major commercial airliner partners, and we are utilizing our years of composites experience to develop quality products faster and more efficiently," said Giuseppe Ombra, engineering vice president at DEMA.
Our customer agencies' requirements for GSA's expert assistance in the procurement of IT and certain professional services continues to grow and we are taking the steps necessary to improve our organizational capability to efficiently meet these requirements," said FTS Commissioner, Sandra N.
Communication through the Internet is now the logical choice for property developers, project managers, architectural, construction and engineering professionals who want to work efficiently.
This allows donors to efficiently elect to support - in part or fully - one or more of these proposals via a donor-suggested grant from their Donor Advised Fund.
6 enhances this enterprise resource matching function by allowing any contact -- voice, email or chat -- to be efficiently routed to an agent with the appropriate skills based on configurable business rules.
com), creator of the Right Media Exchange, today launched a new solution for large online publishers to create their own white label media exchange to sell non-premium inventory more efficiently and maximize revenue.
Enterprises Can Now Tap Existing Service Processor Resources to Securely and Efficiently Consolidate Server Management within Complex Server Environments
New ProStream(TM) 1000 Platform Efficiently Generates High Quality CBR Video for On-Demand, Network Personal Video Recorder and Switched Broadcast TV Services
developer of software products that help consumers plan, prioritize and organize their daily tasks more efficiently, announces today Checklist 3.