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Synonyms for efficaciousness

the power or capacity to produce a desired result

Synonyms for efficaciousness

capacity or power to produce a desired effect

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How can initiatives, programmes, and regulations be rigorously evaluated ex ante, ex interim, and ex post regarding their efficaciousness and efficiency as well as with respect to their unintended side effects (e.
Synth) were performed to compare the potential of the biosorbent (acai endocarps) with that of a commercial adsorbent (activated coal) in their efficaciousness to remove metal ions.
2006) demonstrated support for the efficaciousness of modified DBT protocols.
Van den Bergh (1) references the goals of increasing economic efficiency, benefiting (Clayton-Act-relevant) buyers, preventing the growth of firms that would have undue political influence, and securing market integration, (2) calls attention to the need to consider the "tensions" between securing market integration and achieving the other goals just listed, and (3) questions the efficaciousness of competition policy at achieving the market-integration goal.
Teachers' personal success and students' reception also promoted their cultural efficaciousness as teachers of ELs.
Overall, the lack of concern for using a relatively unknown pharmaceutical substance affirms the taken-for-granted assumptions participants held about the safety and efficaciousness of biomedical technologies.
Ultimately, test developers, particularly cancer biomarker test developers--whether large companies producing kits or individual laboratories producing laboratory-developed tests--will have to prove not only the traditionally required efficaciousness of a test, but also cost-effectiveness to best ensure payment.
But what matters most is that in 'A patente, and especially in the final scene of the play, no actor can derive his expressive efficaciousness except through that dramatic vigor which is most closely tied to his genuine instinct: and thus what other theatrical work could be more adapted than this one to an actor such as Viviani who appears immediately rich in all the qualities--at times prodigious--of the instinctive temperament?
Regardless of what scholars believe, these acts of defiance may be ineradicable inasmuch as Presidents take their political fortunes to depend upon perceptions of efficaciousness and accomplishment.
Courts, Canadian courts included, have often justified the imposition of a reason-giving requirement on the availability of a statutory appeal, on the basis that the efficaciousness of the appeal would be endangered were reasons not given.
It indeed is not clear if at all some system has been put in place to coordinate and streamline the relief campaign being pursued by various official agencies to make for the effectiveness and the efficaciousness of the endeavour.
The greater the proximity of the determination coefficient to one and the greater the lower limit of its reliability interval, the greater is the efficaciousness of the regressive model.
2002; McWhirter, Hackett, & Bandalos, 1998; Turner & Lapan, 2003), and such efficaciousness may help facilitate higher career self-efficacy beliefs.