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in an effective manner

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and Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson, recently founded the country s first incorporated Mental Health Information System (MEHIS) in a bid to efficaciously look into the needs of mental health patients and their families.
The study found that varespladib efficaciously inhibits sPLA2 in an ex-vivo model of direct administration.
In addition, a "substantially all" rule could efficaciously be broadened to permit the deduction under section 174 of all costs of a stand-alone research facility for a taxable year if substantially all (i.
LaMattina, "I'm excited about the Gelesis technology because it is a non-pharmacological approach and can potentially provide people with a novel way to gain control of their weight safely and efficaciously.
The introduction of Neova([R]) Matrix AR reflects our commitment for continued growth and to consistently and efficaciously provide cutting-edge technology to physicians, enabling them to provide better outcomes for their patients," says James R.
The Helios Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system from UK firm Fotech Solutions can discover vibrations along an optical fibre up to 40km in length with an accuracy of 1 metre, efficaciously turning it into thousands of sensors and injected in the technology.
The EndyMed PRO implements third generation 3DEEP(TM) RF technology, which performs to new levels while enabling the provider to deliver superior treatments safely, comfortably and efficaciously.
It is estimated that the asthma product within 6 months of concluding a pre-clinical and clinical study could be safely and efficaciously used in controlling asthma in children and adults worldwide.
Studies show that Lumixyl, a chain of ten amino acids, promoted the moderation of melanin more efficaciously than hydroquinone.
Deborah Benaim, Senior Vice President of Imperial Structured Settlements commented, "In a trying time for many factoring companies, our financing enables us to elevate our operation to efficaciously meet the needs of all our customers.
Research presented at the 2009 American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual Conference demonstrates with statistical significance that Smartlipo MPX tightens skin and shrinks skin tissue more efficaciously than skin treated with liposuction alone.
Increasingly, patients in the United States receive medical care safely and efficaciously in an ambulatory setting, rather than through a lengthy stay in a hospital bed," said Albert Casazza, MD, Associate Physician-in-Chief, MSKCC Regional Care Network.
The studies demonstrated the ability of the Smartlipo MPX to tighten skin and shrink skin tissue more efficaciously than skin treated with liposuction alone.
With cost management and margin improvement continuing to grow in importance, the inherent flexibility of the Connect Family helps carriers and enterprises to minimize costs and manage their businesses efficaciously," says Paul Waadevig, research analyst with Frost & Sullivan.
Based on the information gained from its technology, Genpathway is developing and commercializing a broad portfolio of clinically validated molecular diagnostic products and services that will enable the accurate selection of specific drugs to efficaciously treat individuals with cancer, immune disorders, and other serious diseases.