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in an effective manner

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The results of IC-PCR detection with heterologous antisera are consistent with many studies, where antibodies generated against one type of virus were efficaciously used to detect serological related but distinct viruses, CLCuMuB was detected by using ACMV antibodies (Tabein et al.
This Software very efficaciously reveals all working process of emails and mailbox recovery and conversion.
Colombo, June 4 -- After efficaciously completed its 04 day rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations to allay the aftermath of recent floods and mudslides in Sri Lanka, before Pakistan Naval Ship Zulfiquar left for Pakistan.
However, the general perception is that the military component of NAP has been implemented efficaciously and there is a strong expectation that civilian aspect of the NAP be flashed out and operationalised.
Efficaciously functioning financial markets optimise utilisation of other factors of production - land and labour - too.
Using technology efficaciously helps them to easily connect with people.
Interactivity: VR-based PE teaching should make full and effective use of interactivity of VR by efficaciously integrating theoretical teaching with practical teaching through more cooperation, interaction, and participation.
It's indeed a big leap for the cinema fraternity and our country of film lovers as a whole, but the Government along with the CBFC are efficaciously planning to snip their wings even before they take their flight, by promulgating that the movie is a way to defame the state.
What Pakistan will need to do is to ensure its early completion to not only enable Gwadar to an early operationalisation but to enable the goods and stores from the Gwadar port to travel inland efficiently and efficaciously.
ASI has, in fact, taken a serious step towards executing its duties more efficaciously.
Jaji suggests that, for people of the trans-Atlantic African diaspora, advancing political causes can sometimes be accomplished more efficaciously through music and its deceptive jouissance than through other, more normative channels.
After all, a robust domestic constitution-making process continuing in right earnest gives the impression of Sri Lanka moving steadfastly on the path to creating a just political order so as to efficaciously deal with the horrors of ethnic fratricide, majoritarian communalism and serious distortion in the country's political process.
Ambit`s BI solutions efficaciously trim the time spent in generating accurate reports thereby easing the burden of clients in retrieving precise reports and dashboards from the data that flows into their multiple systems," says Jenit Ramaiya, CEO, Ambit Software.
They would indeed be pressured, in a positive albeit indirect way, to do everything they can to identify themselves more efficaciously and deeply with the success of the enterprise governance program.