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Synonyms for effete

Synonyms for effete

marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay


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Here Fronto could easily have expatiated on the odious comparison between African hardiness and Roman effeteness that underlies Sallust's approach to historiography, but there is no hint of such.
As Hallett points out, these are some of the "first portraits of modern bourgeois man," "embodying these supposedly English virtues of sobriety, energy, directness and sincerity"--as opposed to the effeteness of fancy foreign fops--an interpretation with which Hogarth would no doubt agree, except for the word "supposedly.
An air of effeteness still clung to homosexuality; the manly rough-and-tumble of sports was something we were assumed and expected not to pursue (though the sweaty players themselves were another matter
It had a stronger intellectual dimension, despite the efforts of many conservative politicians to associate intellectualism with effeteness and softness.
premiere of Wayne McGregor's Nemesis (2002), presented by UCLA Live, revealed a company with an expansive, athletic, yet centered style of movement that eradicates any lingering notion of English effeteness.
Factuality and contemplation, simplicity beyond any complex, nuance without effeteness, Escales gives us three finely shifting mosaics crafted by a keen eye and a warm intelligence.
For all his surface effeteness, he never lacked courageous depths.