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Synonyms for effete

Synonyms for effete

marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay


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Ellis was not as adamant as Carpenter in advancing masculine at the expense of more feminine inverts, but he does persistently, if more cautiously, argue for the historical masculinity of male inversion in order to distance its positive attributes from socially mistrusted and misogynist associations with degeneration and effeteness.
It had a stronger intellectual dimension, despite the efforts of many conservative politicians to associate intellectualism with effeteness and softness.
premiere of Wayne McGregor's Nemesis (2002), presented by UCLA Live, revealed a company with an expansive, athletic, yet centered style of movement that eradicates any lingering notion of English effeteness.
Even the Blake's pet dog manages to exude its "suave good breeding and friendliness" and the two travelers cannot help but contrast the "refined behaviour of the Renvyle dog with the brutal cynicism of the Recess [Hotel] penwiper and the blase effeteness of its fox-terrior" (142).
Factuality and contemplation, simplicity beyond any complex, nuance without effeteness, Escales gives us three finely shifting mosaics crafted by a keen eye and a warm intelligence.
For all his surface effeteness, he never lacked courageous depths.
Instead, the "soft" Venetian Renaissance value that sadistic impulse overwhelms in Othello is a more generalized effeteness, a super-refinement entailing pusillanimity.
The former is all fuss and dither, the latter all exquisite effeteness, as if he were in a stock production of a Restoration comedy (though he does at least liven things up at the beginning).
110), who draw their strength from their broad social origins in contrast to the aristocratic hauteur and effeteness of the French.
Although more critical of the government here than one gathers from his previous work, nevertheless, like Smith, Steinberg dares to criticize the NLD (National League for Democracy) for its effeteness in helping to resolve the situa tion.
73) Still, Nirala's argument against the effeteness of Bengalis is built quite differently from colonial and reformist arguments.
She revealed effeteness and apathy among the titled classes by giving us Sir Walter Elliot, the Dowager Viscountess Dalrymple, and Lady Catherine; she was alert to the same symptoms disp layed by the landed gentry, most notably Mr.
As before, Conrad doubles back and carefully removes any possible manifestation of effeteness, often using the instance to effectively redouble Marlow's ostensible manhood.