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Synonyms for effete

Synonyms for effete

marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay


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We have a central heating system, but for some reason depending on our LP furnace strikes me as an effete affectation.
Yes, that Don Cherry, the tough ex-hockey player and coach and controversial take-no-prisoner sports commentator, a fan of rough play and on-ice enforcers who unrepentantly vents against pushy female reporters in male locker rooms and effete European hockey players.
His own absence at crucial times shows that he is effete and uninterested.
On the plus side, Richard E Grant's effete arch-villain had a nice line in dialogue: "I'll torture you so slowly, you'll think it's a career.
Always the most enigmatic of performers and with long hair and billowing black shirt, frontman Meilyr Jones wore the look of a more effete Bobby Gillespie, and much like the Primal Scream man his physiology appeared to be 90% arms and legs.
Roth also secured his place as the imago of the 80s rock frontman–an effete party animal, a cad with a banshee yell.
Remember how Spiro Agnew said, "A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals"?
html) effete publications like GQ , where he discussed his love of high fashion and how "it's f d up" how (http://pitchfork.
The author states in the introduction and demonstrates throughout this intriguing study that "[t]he story of literary history in this era is not a triumphalist march of progress from effete Victorian verse to vigorous Modernist high culture.
The precocious boy has effete tastes, cultivated by his gay dad, who has until now homeschooled him but is busy with his new life partner.
It's the oldest of formulas--mismatched buddies, even being promoted as "the oddest couple"--handled with the least amount of finesse, as a persnickety writer for an effete lifestyle magazine is reunited with the brute who gave him wedgies in high school, who's now a personal trainer.
Rag & Bone played with palette and proportion, offering a dynamically urbanized iteration of Timberland's classic utility boot that manages not to seem effete or overly dandy-ized.
However, he was far more influenced by such things as the pseudo-science of eugenics and the philosophy of Nietzsche, which saw religion as effete and decadent.
There's even a Wildean figure, Jos Vantyler's effete Whitworth scion Leo, who drifts about striking affectedly weary poses and delivering delicious one liners.
In an amusingly effete piece in the Wall Street Journal this past week, Journal drinks columnist Eric Felten decided to sample some light beers, apparently for the first time ever.