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Synonyms for effervescing

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

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Effervescing with a peculiar inner luminescence, they are sublime meditations that offer an intimate glimpse into Gwen's private sanctuary, the Parisian flat Rodin rented for her.
Samples that had ceased effervescing prior to being placed on the hotplate (after an initial vigorous reaction) were removed from the hotplate after 5-10 min if no further reaction was apparent.
One look at Charlotte Church and you get an eye full of personality, effervescing beneath a face wide-eyed with enthusiasm and charm.
The pores are formed by using an effervescing agent that fizzes, producing bubbles as the polymer is being synthesized into hydrogels.
Endorsing yet revising Levinson's analysis of the erasures of "Tintern Abbey," for example, Pfau portrays the effervescing of material, "real," history as the very condition of a new professional middle-class subject whose connections are virtual rather than embodied.
I recall watching the dark red wine trickle in plumes down into the effervescing glass, turning its contents a pleasant rose, and feeling rather important about having partaken of some forbidden fruit.
I don't really believe it makes much difference and never have, but people with coughs, sneezes, sore throats and aching limbs aren't very amenable to logic or science when a glass of effervescing vitamin C seems like dramatic treatment.
But in his dark moments, it was an agony to Wyn to have his head be buzzing and effervescing with keenest messages, yet no paper or pencil to transcribe verses that invaded his ear more quickly than he could hope to retain them by heart, though he'd already committed to memory some hundreds of lines.
The effervescing refreshments get their fizz from sparkling dry wine or carbonated mineral water combined with fruit or vegetable juices; decorate each with its own edible ornament--fruit, onions, or preserved ginger.
While there are two fentanyl breakthrough cancer pain products already on the market--one a fentanyl lozenge, the other an effervescing tablet--the delivery system for Onsolis makes it unique.
s research and development team, based in Miami Beach, Florida, which includes many novel consumer and professional dental products including a line of natural healthy foaming oral health innovations, including a new patent-pending oral foam, that uses the power of effervescing oxidizers to whiten teeth, thus replacing traditional tooth "pastes" for daily use.
2502743 Non-alcoholic beverages; mineral and aerated and effervescing waters and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups, essences and other preparations for making beverages; beers; all included in Class 32.
And three "new" pieces - BBC session track Two of a Kind, an instrumental version of the beautiful Golden Hair and long-lost pastiche Bob Dylan's Blues - mean that it's an essential addition for fans who have long since converted the likes of Octopus, Terrapin, Baby Lemonade and Effervescing Elephant from vinyl to CD.
Photo: Effervescing champagne swirls around chilled orangesegments in a cool, sweet ginger syrup