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Synonyms for effervescent

Synonyms for effervescent

full of joyful, unrestrained high spirits

Synonyms for effervescent

used of wines and waters


(of a liquid) giving off bubbles

marked by high spirits or excitement

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Madame Lucy is played effervescently by Jim Cowper, from Chester-le-Street.
Most in demand was Skip Engblom, who hovered effervescently amidst the strobe lit throngs.
An effervescently enthusiastic young man who works as development officer for Flintshire Disability Forum, he resolutely refuses to let his condition prevent him from getting on with enjoying life.
I had completely forgotten: the Voices of Spring duet, here effervescently danced by Vallo and Parker, and the hardly remembered, beautiful Walk to the Paradise Garden, that choreographic essence of doomed love and lovers.
Among them are tunes by Irving Berlin (``Cheek to Cheek''), the Gershwins (``I've Got a Crush on You''), Porter (``I Get a Kick Out of You''), Jerome Kern, Dorothy Field and others of their effervescently romantic ilk.
Apricot Beauty' she describes as "apricot flushed with pink," but more than that, the exquisite blossom somehow gives an impression of "shimmering effervescently in an apricoty rose hue.
Once the movie's fireworks have ebbed away, the triumphant Bubbles is ready to continue pursuing her effervescently bisexual, porn industry life without even a hint of apology.
As the plaintiff's lawyer effervescently summed up, "That's a lot of moooo--la.