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Synonyms for effervescent

Synonyms for effervescent

full of joyful, unrestrained high spirits

Synonyms for effervescent

used of wines and waters


(of a liquid) giving off bubbles

marked by high spirits or excitement

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It generates a natural lightly effervescent water that is a uniquely good source of calcium.
We are thrilled to know that Natrol High Effervescent helps boost U.
More subjects rated the effervescent as "pleasant", but the difference was not statistically significant suggesting that both formulations meet consumers expectations for taste.
Gamers who spend long hours playing video games will now have convenient access to an energy drink product that tastes great, is proven safe, fast acting, and dependable from EQ Labs, the manufacturer of this unique effervescent energy drink product," stated Maurice Owens, the CEO of EQ Labs.
With the effervescent technology in place, the omega-3s can be absorbed and enter the blood stream faster - in as little as 15 minutes.
Delightful as she has been to watch for more than three decades, and that early career Oscar of hers notwithstanding, the effervescent Ms.
The outstanding Russian guest artists--Anna Dorosch and Aidar Akhmetov--were poetic and effervescent by turn.
NYSE:HLF), a global nutrition direct-selling company, is launching Best Defense[TM], an effervescent tablet that boosts the body's immune system.
This marks the first time that an effervescent (tablet dissolving in water) hangover relief product is being distributed and sold in the Hawaiian Islands.
A videotape tribute of Harper's musical performances with students showed his energetic, effervescent personality.
But it never recreated the effervescent sophistication and the brittle, inconsequential fun of Barry's comedy or of the first film, directed by George Cukor.
While already a huge success in North America, JACK's UK invasion is the first step in its international expansion to bring the innovative and effervescent JACK brand and its Playing What We Want([R]) attitude to markets around the globe.
At the same time, we will continue to serve our existing clients by producing the highest quality effervescent disintegrating tablets.
The whole idea of the class is to get people outside and to wake up their ears and eyes,'' said the effervescent Payne, who has taught the class for 25 years.
The former church setting in Denver's Five Points neighborhood seemed especially appropriate for the effervescent Davis, an ambassador of "Peace, Love, Respect for Everybody"--the company motto--whose exhilarating performances are both edifying and a great deal of fun.