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Synonyms for effervescence

Synonyms for effervescence

the process of bubbling as gas escapes

the property of giving off bubbles

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FIZZLING WITH SPRITZ -- Adding a fine effervescence to a drink is a marvelous thing, a centuries old practice.
In the end, if we perceive everywhere this creative effervescence, it's because something in France itself has recommenced, in which the young generation, having shed itself of the era of suspicion, seizes without hesitation the ingredients of fiction in order to open up new novelistic paths--to the extent that it looks to us like we're in the midst of a renaissance, a dialogue In a vast polyphonic ensemble, without concern for any battle for or against the preeminence of one language over the other or any sort of "cultural imperialism" whatsoever.
Letters to Wendy's retains a bit more effervescence, however.
The language in the article had the same breezy effervescence as the ideas and images of the building itself.
It offers the soothing qualities traditionally associated with tea, but provides a "kick" in the way of a light, mild effervescence.
Born in Italy and raised in Belgium and France, De Vito combines a Gallic effervescence with a no-nonsense approach to teaching.
The score was led with suitable effervescence by Jean-Marie Zeitouni, the OdeM chorusmaster and semi-official stand-in for Artistic Director Bernard Labadie.
La ceremonie d'ouverture de ce concours, presidee par les autorites locales, a ete organisee a l'universite Mohamed-Cherif-Messaadia, creant une belle effervescence dans le campus.
This is the stuff that gives working life its extra effervescence.
Tenders are invited for Organic Chloramine Sodium Dichloro Iso Cyanurate Chlorine Tablet 20Gm Weight Effervescence.
But Root typifies an effervescence about this England squad that was not flattened by the second Test hammering at Lord's.
The lineup of sleek 250 mL flipflop cans will feature four wines, including Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and two new offerings, Fizzy Sangria and Fizzy Crisp White, both of which have a slight effervescence and are exclusively available in cans.
Very pale salmon, persistent effervescence but not aggressive or frothy.
Wooster himself, James Lance, was missing in action and his understudy, Joel Sams, failed to capture the dimwit aristocrat's bumbling effervescence.
Because time and again post-event, this fervour has rapidly lost its effervescence.