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Trying to answer this question, an efferent duct ligation protocol was performed and leptin expression was evaluated by immunohistochemistry.
Then, soon after sunrise, after the clock-driven efferent neurons stop firing (Chamberlain et ai, 1987), the concentration of Rh-LpOps1-4 drops precipitously during a burst of what is called transient rhabdom shedding.
Knowing that the efferent system plays a key role in the modulation of active cochlear process, is there a decrease of noise suppression effect on otoacoustic emissions in individuals with complaint of tinnitus?
Again the brain interprets this data as lengthened muscle fibres and fires off fewer gamma efferents.
Three main components contribute to dyspnoea: afferent signals, efferent signals, and central information processing.
Since a major portion of the efferent pathway of the response is composed of non-myelinated nerves, the latency of the response may be significantly different in normal individuals with different height and limb length.
Capsaicin-sensitive sensory nerve terminals with local and systemic efferent functions: facts and scopes of an unorthodox neuroregulatory mechanism.
Given his return to normal hearing, the most plausible explanation for this phenomenon is either perilymphatic fluid shifts or the poorly understood acoustic efferent systems acting on the contralateral cochlea.
Urothelial-released ATP is also inhibited by botulinum toxin A, suggesting that botulinum toxin A inhibits transmitter release from sensory nerve terminals or urothelium, as well as efferent nerve terminals.
The gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory signs indicate that the toxin in the plants causes changes in the visceral efferent system of the lower motor neurons.
This increases parasympathetic outflow, while inhibiting vasoconstriction efferent sympathetic outflow, resulting in vasodilation and hypotension (Rea & Thames, 1993).
But , for patients whom we inherit from I other practitioners or for those who have been in our practice for years on high doses of opioid analgesics, we need to become comfortable telling them, "Things are efferent now" In order for us to feel comfortable saying this, though, we have to know what best practices are and how they are different from our current practices.
Rosenblatt also differentiated aesthetic from efferent reading and described these two stances as forming poles of a continuum.
The myogenic pathway and non-muscarinic modes of sensory activation and efferent neurotransmission, for example, would not be expected to be responsive to treatment with antimuscarinic medication.