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The first of these positions seems to echo Rosenblatt's efferent reading (below), a mode used for information only, and recalls gist translation and precis writing in its privileging of the informational function (the source text as an 'offer of information') over other textual features such as style.
At the beginning of this article, we refer to the difference between efferent and esthetic ways of experiencing a text.
We're pleased to offer local companies the services of so capable a search strategist as Andrea," says Joe Garraffo, President and CEO of Efferent Media.
Moreover, our findings strongly suggest that NADH-stimulated RMSAP might be under the inhibitory control of aortic baroreceptors, suggesting again that this response could be mediated by an increase in baseline efferent RSNA.
Rosenblatt also differentiated aesthetic from efferent reading and described these two stances as forming poles of a continuum.
Acupuncture may also activate the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway that involves activation of vagal efferent nerves in treatment of inflammatory diseases.
Sen's own inquisitive range and acumen, both as poet and anthologist, help him capture such a "centrifugal, efferent, and expansive" reality in a sensible and stimulating compendium.
Nystagmus can be sensory (caused by defective vision) or motor imbalance (as a result of defective efferent mechanisms).
Ozellikle efferent sinir rejenerasyonuna bagli ablasyon etkisinin zamanla ortadan kalkacagi yonundeki endiseler bu calisma ile onemli olcude dislanmistir.
In the context, it is established that the majority of the input to the kidney from the SNS derives from the efferent renal sympathetic nerves.
Although first reported in 1881, afferent and efferent loop obstructions have been better understood since the 1950s (1) following the popularity of Billroth II gastrectomy with gastrojejunostomy (Fig.
Colloid osmotic pressure ([pi]) in glomerular capillaries was estimated from the protein concentration in blood taken from the femoral artery (Ca) and in blood obtained by puncturing surface efferent arterioles (Ce).
efferent nerves) directly contact PVN-projecting neurons in these regions, consistent with functional interconnections (Cullinan et al.
reported a case where the fistula originated from the efferent blind loop of the pouch.