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Synonyms for effeminize

to give a (more) feminine, effeminate, or womanly quality or appearance to

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As a manifestation of the male gaze, it singles out Bonnie and Nancy for special surveillance, objectification, and exploitation, and seeks to effeminize Perry Smith even as it seeks to explain the psychosociological causes of his crime.
But rather than depicting the Viscount as a sexual threat, Austen noticeably effeminizes him, highlighting traits customarily valued in women of the period, such as "Elegance," "Beauty," and 'Accomplishments.
11) Erasmus condemns and effeminizes the conventions of regal masculinity.
The question is not whether the power and presence of women at the court effeminizes the courtier, but rather, how is gender (in all of its iterations) co-opted in order to mobilize masculinity around a political aim.
In tracing the many Renaissance moralizations of Ovidian poetry, Jones and Stallybrass make a strong case for how heterosexual virility itself is what effeminizes the male.
A bountiful environment as the subject of labor further naturalizes and effeminizes the fecundity of the Melanesian Other.
Not only is Semiramis another African Sovereign of pure libidinal drive, she represents the actualization of the suppressed fear that males experience in the presence of such sovereign women: she "made into law" the very passion that effeminizes the man--the lust that makes him perform the female--and by the specular reversal allows her to perform the male.
Why, she asks, does Shakespeare appear to endorse, rather than to assuage, the fear of contemporary anti-theatricalists that the theatre effeminizes both the boy-actors who play women's parts, and the male spectators who enjoy such performances?
Henry V therefore rehearses and resolves English involvement with female authority on several fronts: politically, since through its silence on Katharine's future it finally asserts that both authority and its familial succession ought to be an entirely male purview; and dramatically, since with its choice of hero it counters the antitheatricalist anxiety that theater, feminine in itself, effeminizes its audience.
The metaphor effeminizes Frank to the point that he grows nearer in type to Elizabeth Sawyer.
She effeminizes their appearances, leaving them exposed and clothed in women's rags.