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Synonyms for effeminize

to give a (more) feminine, effeminate, or womanly quality or appearance to

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In fact, as Edward Said discusses in Orientalism, the Arabic Orient has come to represent "one [of the West's] most recurring images of the Other" in which the West effeminizes the East in such a way that it becomes "sexually available so that it can be penetrated, cataloged, and thus contained by the 'superior' rationality of the Western mind.
But rather than depicting the Viscount as a sexual threat, Austen noticeably effeminizes him, highlighting traits customarily valued in women of the period, such as "Elegance," "Beauty," and 'Accomplishments.
11) Erasmus condemns and effeminizes the conventions of regal masculinity.
The question is not whether the power and presence of women at the court effeminizes the courtier, but rather, how is gender (in all of its iterations) co-opted in order to mobilize masculinity around a political aim.
In tracing the many Renaissance moralizations of Ovidian poetry, Jones and Stallybrass make a strong case for how heterosexual virility itself is what effeminizes the male.
A bountiful environment as the subject of labor further naturalizes and effeminizes the fecundity of the Melanesian Other.