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Synonyms for effectuation

the act of beginning and carrying through to completion

Synonyms for effectuation

the act of implementing (providing a practical means for accomplishing something)

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The basic entrepreneurial skills obtained from effectuation approach are expected to improve the abilities of students and new entrepreneurs in running a business.
Keywords International SMEs * Internationalization * Effectuation * Networks * International entrepreneurship
245) effectuation refers to processes that "take a set of means as given and focus on selecting between possible effects that can be created with that set of means" while causation refers to more planned strategic approach where an entrepreneur sets a particular goal and selects appropriate means to reach the goal.
We instead demand proof of steps toward effectuation of threats, which removes the Federal courts from the speculative realm of guessing if threats are mere rants or genuinely are intended to be effectuated.
These results are consistent with our hypothesis that, in accordance with effectuation theory, a manager's commitment to keeping the firm's stock price sufficiently high, in order to avoid the risk of having to delist, is a signal that the manager has positive beliefs about his or her ability to effectively exercise control over endogenous factors important to the firm's ability to succeed in the industry.
According to analyst Sam Vaknin, the recent triumph of the Republicans in the elections for the House of Representatives has blocked the possibilities for resolving problems through the legislation and one of the ways to solve this, according to him, is for President Obama to start taking executive decision for whose effectuation he would not need approval for either house of Congress.
The winning colleges will each receive $15,000 to employ effectuation to advance entrepreneurship in the communities they serve.
The court established a three-part set of guidelines for state legislation regarding abortion: "For the stage prior to approximately the end of the first trimester, the abortion decision and its effectuation must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman's attending physician.
Effectuation date of Articles of Incorporation changes: June 20, 2014.
Of the seven papers in this special issue, the first three papers take well-known concepts, entrepreneurial orientation (EO), experience, and effectuation, and develop and enrich them for IE scholars by exploring their utility for IE.
At the debate dedicated to the implementation of the Framework Agreement, Professor Imer Ismaili stressed that this agreement failed to produce the anticipated results and its effectuation is riddled with difficulties.
Neste contexto, o objetivo deste ensaio e realizar uma construcao teorica destinada a expor e discutir o tema empreendedorismo e estrategia sob a otica da logica Effectuation, que e um modelo de tomada de decisao alternativo ao modelo de tomada de decisao classico.
The nature of the changes, the manner of their effectuation and their ultimate goals are what distinguish various types of extremist views.
Following a summary of definitions of the constructs of 'experience' and 'experiencing' from these disciplines, they propose a model of meaning construction in entrepreneurship built around the core variables of intuitive decision-making, effectuation, i.
We expect the member states to reach consensus for effectuation of the delayed invitation to the Republic of Macedonia for NATO membership under the provisional reference of the United Nations.