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Synonyms for effectively

Synonyms for effectively

in an effective manner

in actuality or reality or fact


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Here were she, Mrs Lammle, and her husband discoursing at once affectingly and effectively, but discoursing alone.
Having worked with more than 800 state and local governments, we have developed the expertise and can provide the tools that enable these organizations to more effectively manage their workforces and control overtime.
It has been designed to allow for add-on certifications for individual software manufacturers to enable vendors to reward customers who manage their software effectively.
All elements of America's strength, as represented by the military services, law enforcement agencies, and other civilian organizations, are needed to effectively protect the country from terrorists and support the global war on terrorism.
Undergraduate students have access to enormous amounts of information yet often fail to understand how to locate and use information effectively and ethically.
Such knowledge will help enable health care and public health systems to serve individuals and populations more effectively, and employ strategies that reduce health disparities in the population.
The Institute is committed to maintaining a system that works--one that builds upon the principle of voluntary compliance and is consistent with sound tax policy, one that taxpayers can comply with, and one in which the IRS can effectively perform its audit function without unduly burdening taxpayers.
The new version delivers dramatic usability improvements as well as new tools for usage tracking and role-based filtering of learning materials that help enterprises more effectively develop, deploy and update critical documentation, training and performance support information for all employees.
This article examines how present rules on permanent establishments and effectively connected income should be applied to foreign-source income from Internet transactions and their adaptability to the taxation of e-commerce technology.
The secret to making doubles fun is to make it simple, and the secret to winning free points is by poaching effectively.
3G, cannot cost effectively provide the whole Internet experience to mobile users.
However, when income allocated from the limited partnership is effectively connected with a trade or business within the U.
After evaluating several ad-serving solutions and their system requirements, the company decided that Open AdStream', from Real Media, was the solution that most efficiently and effectively met its requirements.
When asked how effectively communication staffs focus on important business objectives, respondents rated that effectiveness as a "4.
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