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Synonyms for compliance

Synonyms for compliance

an act of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

Synonyms for compliance

acting according to certain accepted standards

a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others

the act of submitting

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Effective compliance is characterized by procedures embedded into existing workflows, and is achieved with a minimum amount of friction.
Laboratories can benefit from an effective compliance program implemented before regulators visit.
And though it may not be possible to stop every individual who might commit a crime in your organization, an effective compliance program is the best method to prevent most occurrences, as well as possibly mitigating any penalties or sanctions if the worst does happen.
The company said the new title answers "critical compliance questions drug companies are asking" and provides guidelines for developing, monitoring and managing effective compliance programs.
Self-policing prior to the discovery of the misconduct, including establishing effective compliance procedures and an appropriate tone at the top;
Contractual obligations for the SNF to have an effective compliance program that meets the government's requirements.
This is the most important component of an effective compliance program and typically is the largest and most extensive.
The GAO argued downsizing the TCMP would result in less precise and thus less effective compliance information.
Upon analysis, we believe the Administration's SINC proposal would do just that, and without providing the IRS with an effective compliance tool.
Without an effective compliance program, an organization may face loss of sales due to low fill rate, loss of productivity at the warehouse, and a delayed movement of merchandise through the supply chain.
National Bonds Corporation (NBC), the leading Shariah-compliant savings and investments company in the UAE, has appointed new members to the Fatwa and Shariah supervisory board as part of its priority to ensure the effective compliance of its products, financial services and investments to Sharia principles.
Design ICIS includes all activities to the economic, efficient and effective compliance with legal and contractual obligations OZP, the particular creation (completion), transmission OZP, implementation and provision of related services.
However, and regardless of market segment, no franchise system should operate without an effective compliance program.
The company's data concerning a client's location, movement and status better enables effective compliance management and positive behavior modification.
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