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Synonyms for efface

efface yourself


  • make yourself inconspicuous
  • withdraw
  • be retiring
  • keep a low profile
  • be timid
  • be diffident
  • be bashful
  • keep out of the limelight
  • be modest
  • keep out of the public eye
  • be unassertive

Synonyms for efface

to remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean

Synonyms for efface

remove completely from recognition or memory

make inconspicuous

Related Words

remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing

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Tests of localized adherence, autoaggregation, and attaching and effacing were performed as described (6,7).
One set of particularly widespread genes regulates a process central to infection, aptly dubbed attaching and effacing.
Attaching and effacing activities of rabbit and human enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in pig and rabbit intestines.
A new adherent form of an attaching and effacing Escherichia coli (eaeA+,bfp-) to the intestinal epithelial cells of chicks.
33) Geary's emphasis on dissonance underscores his wish to avoid effacing the unique features of early medieval Europe by ignoring the messiness that results from cultural interaction and change over time.
Another mode of such "writing" was later effected by way of the artist's signature dots, which seemed to serve as effusive punctuation marks (sometimes rather tautologically effacing faces).
2002, was a series of drawings the artist made by partly covering over parts of old architectural prints, as if Favelli had considered the palazzi they picture as possible dwelling places--for the soul, at least--and ended up effacing them instead.
These cannons, bombs, and so forth, such as Contraerea (Antiaircraft Gun) and Cannone "Bella Ciao," both 1966, seem anything other than menacing because they are so clearly nonfunctional; they evoke not violence but playfulness, while effacing the boundary between sculpture and installation.
Herbert, in contrast to Donne, writes poetry in which annihilation is confronted healthily, with the poet submitting to death by effacing himself in his poetry.
A year before her death, it seemed that this exploitation of her own "material" had reached a definitive end, for in her last works the outer veil of her skin was replaced with bright wrappings of gowns that, completely effacing the body, seemed to forecast her inevitable end.
But there was something about Pearl, from his sheepish grin and his self- effacing humor to the way papers seemed to fly from his pockets on the way to class, that made him irresistible to classmates, parents and teachers.
Emphasizing the experiential quality of the encounter, the installation will work to preserve and create context, effacing the exhibition space of the Halle Tony Gamier with elements of the works ' native habitats, including dirt, wooden boards, and huts.
These time capsules resolve art's battle with architecture by simply effacing the latter - with wallpaper, black light, and video loops.
Ruff does the opposite - effacing sense, displaying the world's objects in their bare, incomprehensible presence.
For those in search of a kinder, gentler art world, the novelty of an artist whose self effacing practice includes providing exhibition opportunities for his colleagues is no doubt appealing.