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Synonyms for effacement

shortening of the uterine cervix and thinning of its walls as it is dilated during labor

withdrawing into the background

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KAMUELA, HAWAII -- Patients who received cerclage for advanced cervical effacement and/or dilation delivered their babies nearly 5 weeks closer to term than those treated with bed rest in an historical cohort analysis at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland.
These findings support the notion that FSGS and steroid-sensitive MCN do not represent different, temporally sequential phases of the same disease and that there is more than one pathway to effacement.
Rahman finds that their approach to "home" comes from textual versions of heritage that have become historical, which include significant elements of dispossession and effacement that become sharper given nationalist and religious readings of the texts.
1 that reveal the subtexts of Henry's self-presentation, here and throughout the play; and Jeremy Lopez's "Eating Richard II" challenges "entrenched habits" of interpreting the historical dimensions of Shakespeare's history plays without reference to Shakespeare's "deliberate effacement of historical narrative for the sake of theatrical effect.
In the otherwise excellent article "Self Effacement in the Bible" (Vol.
In addressing these matters, Fudge aims, more broadly, "to challenge the silent effacement of the animal" in early modern studies (5), an effacement she presents as endemic to contemporary scholarship: "Part of our sense making is to maintain a notion of natural order .
Its rebuilding appeals to many in modern Germany as, in turn, a symbolic effacement of the country's Communist legacy.
Renal biopsy showed stage 1 membranous glomerulopathy with complete effacement of foot processes.
Brock's revised dissertation examines the literary evidence for the gradual principled effacement of the authority of Mary Magdalene in the years before Gregory the Great identified her as the repentant sinner.
Here, one can generalize the observation that I made regarding Gaullist hauteur, and about the effacement or the reduction of distances in 1968.
The second part includes animation of the stages and phases of labor, timing contractions, Cardinal Movements, and effacement and dilatation.
He continues here with his experiments in novelistic style: taking the contemporary Arabic novel farther and farther from traditional forms, ignoring old concepts of plot and characterization, and highlighting interiority to portray the fears and the forcible effacement of the individual.
Besides triggering attachment and effacement, these genes churn out a host of proteins that perforate, wound, and otherwise disable the intestine.
Stratified as the terrain of Paris was, Charle emphasizes that Paris was also the site of mixing, transgression and the effacement of cleavages (85).
Almost all ballerinas have it in them to curtsy; this is because most of them win their claim to sovereignty by effacement before an invisible, inherited court, from casting their lot with an artistic tradition that is formal, cued, and social.