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Synonyms for effacement

shortening of the uterine cervix and thinning of its walls as it is dilated during labor

withdrawing into the background

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4: Overall effacement of cortical sulci suggestive of diffuse cerebral edema.
Majority of cases show complete effacement of architecture.
Governments should continuously implement effective and novel strategies to combat illicit trade by stepping effacement measures," SEATCA said.
The semiotics of Eastern and Western European economic systems, the semantics of historical processes, adolescence in a period of change: Ondak ties all of these together through the motifs of looking back and effacement, while the title invokes Rauschenberg's Erased de Kooning Drawing, 1953--as if to say that the empty, nonreflective template had taken the place of the real mirror.
Dans le sillage de Wilhem de Kooning, elle presente des oeuvres ouvertes, non-finies, grace a des procedes comme fragmentations, eclaboussures, effacement.
The Syrian heritage and archeological ruins and monuments have been undergoing acts of loot and effacement at the hands of the armed terrorist groups.
Powers apparently wants us to notice that absence of identity or its effacement is a current Irish and American concern, exacerbated by America's dubious wars.
Marginalized communities and sects remain at risk of effacement through separation, persecution, unequal share in wealth, etc.
Her CT scan brain was done which showed mild diffuse oedema in bilateral cerebral convexities with effacement of cortical sulci and partial effacement of ventricles (Figure-1).
The sources also added that fine violations for the effacement of a license/registration plate numbers in some Gulf states reaches 30 thousand riyals.
Histologically, DLBCLs exhibit a diffuse effacement of the normal architecture by a submucosal, discohesive cellular infiltrate (figure 1).
Il prevoit 130 milliards d'euros d'aide publique et un effacement partiel de la dette detenue par les banques, a hauteur de 107 milliards d'euros.
Franklin argues that effacement of some Echternach manuscripts did not occur until the mid-1860s and even implicates the BnF head of manuscripts, Leopold Delisle.
As a teacher I had to check for head lice, check for holes in clothing and foul language on it, check for weapons, check restrooms for vandalism, check desks for student de effacement, prevent bullying and sexual ha assent, check for physical and mental abuse, monitor computers for inappropriate usage, supply pencils and paper to students who didn't bring any, and write hall passes.
The cervix showed a 2 cm pelvic dilatation and effacement of 50%.