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Synonyms for efface

efface yourself


  • make yourself inconspicuous
  • withdraw
  • be retiring
  • keep a low profile
  • be timid
  • be diffident
  • be bashful
  • keep out of the limelight
  • be modest
  • keep out of the public eye
  • be unassertive

Synonyms for efface

to remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean

Synonyms for efface

remove completely from recognition or memory

make inconspicuous

Related Words

remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing

References in classic literature ?
That he effaced himself from it went for nothing; she saw him there perhaps more clearly than anything else, the central and domineering figure, a man of brains and nerve who, with his life in his hands, faced with equal immovability a herculean task and the chances of death.
It was not altogether surprising that a plantation where seven human beings could be simultaneously effaced and nobody the wiser should be under some suspicion.
successive parts are successively effaced, as in the panorama.
He saw it, and said with a merry kiss that half effaced it, "This is my ewe lamb, and I have set my mark on her, so no one can steal her away.
Thy foot itself hath effaced the path behind thee, and over it standeth written: Impossibility.
He could only think of her as triumphant, successful in her menace of a wholly useless remorse never to be effaced.
But he presently went into his father's room, and the sight there touched him in a way that effaced the slighter impressions of the previous hour.
What they see inscribed in their cells is not Foucault's panoptic "God sees you" (xiii, 186), but the haunting faith that the effaced are seen: that a suffering God redeems their stubborn hopes.
The result was a sort of insubstantial and diaphanous architecture of light and shadow, a wall from which materiality had been effaced and the idea of load-bearing voided.
In His divinity, Jesus has effaced all of humanity's offences, those of ancestors, those of every day, and also our own, those hidden or denied.
of [that] colonial and patriarchal domination" whereby "'India' is simultaneously constituted and effaced as object" (24).
In thus celebrating change and diversity, the popular press effaced what Fritzsche, following Walter Benjamin, calls the "paradox of modernism," that is, the blurring of the "ever-different" into the "ever-same," the slipping of"fabulous alternation" into "endless iteration.
If for only a few moments I can be a tele-spectator--part consumer, part viewer, part lover, part writer, part professor, the sum of which may be greater than the pastiche of the whole--I can quickly, before I am relegated back to the perpetual ignominy of an effaced persona, ponder the issue of postmodernism as related to the construction of the viewing/consuming subject and my nephews.
This position is further reinforced by the recent work of cultural materialists who argue that subversive potential is facilitated by the inherent contradictions that are a part of the political mythology the dominant culture perpetuates in order to justify its own ascendancy, albeit these contradictions are normally effaced by the ideological apparatus of the society.
Kerrigan, the daughter of a welder who had to work several jobs to support her skating, had her class background either effaced or elevated, as when Newsweek described her as "the twenty-four-year-old beauty from a middle-class Boston suburb.