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capable of being effaced


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In a more poetic vein, Getz describes the tentativeness hovering over the du Bouchet poem, which she sees, and rightly so, as a writing as ephemeral and effaceable as air, as fragile as a breath moving to discover, with no promise of success, "le muet du reel" (37).
As Herman Beavers has noted, black masculinity is often "emblematic of an intersection of disempowerment and effaceable power," and this is most commonly articulated as power over women and other (often homosexual) men (256).
The Cardinal Secretary of State [Merry del Val], whose mission to Canada some years ago has left effaceable traces upon the ecclesiastical history of the country, has had opportunities given to few of making himself familiar with the salient facts of the situation.
The other connection, between figure and landscape, is elusive, undependable, effaceable, especially for a Jew: The speaker is a Jew, and so was the man who cut wood: