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The output of the conventional DFE without MIC and EFF for K users before decision device with time index n is represented by
reason: What are some things EFF is doing in the intellectual property field?
But also interesting in the parliamentary saga is the rare, eyebrow-raising show of a united opposition, particularly the curious solidarity formed between two ideological foes, the EFF and the white-led Democratic Alliance (DA).
The EFF said telecommunications companies are failing to protect user data when government demands it.
After landing in Kuwait, the crew turns on the onboard UMTS router to establish a data connection, allowing the eFF to automatically load the briefing package for the onward flight to Doha.
Now the EFF is being touted as the real opposition to the ANC, which should be worrying as municipal elections loom in 2016.
For Google, Facebook and Microsoft, the EFF determined the massive tech companies came up short when it comes to fighting National Security Letters, which allow the government to persuade the companies to provide data from a user's account without a warrant.
Overall, the EFF will help the Tunisian authorities achieve their objectives of generating faster and more inclusive growth, reduce regional inequalities, and raise the living standards of all Tunisians.
The Commission proposes to facilitate access to premiums for definitive cessation of activity for fleets participating in a fleet adaptation scheme by waiving the restrictions laid down in the EFF.
The picture was 100% equity financed through Emmett/Furla's EFF Independent banner with Millennium handling distribution.
The circumstances of the removal of the 17 EFF Members on 21 October have been referred to the multiparty Rules Committee.
It extends the existing block exemption to new categories of schemes, such as temporary cessation of activity, which meet the conditions set by the EFF.
While the EFF expressed dismay that the decision doesn't go into effect for a year, the cybersecurity research community praised the ruling.
GreeceTotal eligible public expenditure for the Greek programme amounts of 274,104,143, with the EFF contributing 207,832,237.
Austria: Total eligible expenditure for the programme amounts to 10,393,753, with the EFF contributing 5,259,318.