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inspiring a feeling of fear


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Bangui: Nightfall in Bangui's normally bustling streets brings an eery quiet to the capital of the Central African Republic, where authorities have enacted a curfew ahead of a possible rebel move on the city.
Now Galka has a thriving trade in paranormal detection devices, launched as a result of those eery events.
With its eery, conspiratorial music, I half expected to see Gary Oldman in a bespoke suit proclaim that Joe Biden is a mole.
Eery swishing sounds and nun's robes have since been sighted, while some guests even say they have been woken by the ghost of Dona Ana if they've slept in too late
As fun as Halloween is for children, I hope it doesn't overshadow the festival of lights this year," Sujata said, referring to the eery lighting and jack-O-lanterns dotting neighbouring backyards.
But a Tuesday press release from the American Israel PublicAffairs Committee (AIPAC) brings to mind eery parallels between the escalation of sanctions against Iran and the slow lead up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Eery work of art provides me with an opportunity to express beauty and desire.
From a boat on Sydney harbour, one witness said the city was already in darkness hours before the event, low clouds and a near full-moon adding an eery feeling to the nation's largest city.
We were going to give him a break but he seems to be enjoying eery run, so we keep giving him one more.
As the incoming Home Secretary, it was my duty to ensure eery safeguard for the that the terms of the release, initially on licence, should be reinforced.
The moon bathed what appeared to be a ghost town in an eery silver light.
gt;Gory details: Life-like skeletons, hanging bodies and all-around blood-sucking figures and zombies, along with eery lighting and fog, make this a true haunt, even for the bravest souls.
But most eery is the claim by a night porter that he has watched fires go out in fireplaces only to return to see them fully-prepared ready to be lit again.
But while the mental images of early modern peoples are not identical to ours, there are some eery parallels.
That terminal is less than 100 miles away from our current position, and in the middle of the night the gas burn-off from the Gulf's hundreds of oil platforms glow red all around us on the horizon and give the night an eery, uncomfortable feeling.