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strangeness by virtue of being mysterious and inspiring fear

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There are several examples where I think Bunting takes this step unconvincingly, but for reasons of space I will focus only on her central argument that Mabel was abusive to her sons and that Tolkien's resulting ambivalence about her (as seen for example in his feelings behind the Eeriness painting) contributed to his complex traumatic reaction to his mother's death.
Some] stories feel less complete: though they are bursts of masterly eeriness, they don't have real narrative movement.
A reboot of the 1990-91 ABC thriller "Twin Peaks,'' set for 2016, was announced last fall by Showtime with co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost back on board for a new round of eeriness.
Or, being blissfully unaware as the world moves on a Mumbai railway platform and eeriness that comes from being dressed like a mannequin in Old Delhi.
But from the moment they arrive, Sunshine feels her world darken with an eeriness she cannot place.
There is an eeriness to the beginning of the novel that hints of the gothic, but the novel isn't gothic in any conventional sense.
But Peter Wright is a sorcerer and has always had a sense of the eeriness which magic can bring into the equation and Tchaikovsky does the rest.
You can feel the eeriness as sudden chills envelop you from the haunting ruins of this former vast medieval fortress turned into a palace, the home of Elizabeth I's great love Robert Dudley.
Kimberley Griffiths Little's new book brings all the eeriness of the Louisiana bayou into an engaging story about a girl, her family and the secrets of the past.
The uncertainty and eeriness of the music mirrors interviewees' recollections of daily life under communism.
Meandering among these enigmatic depictions of shadow cut through by shafts of light, the viewer may find herself overcome by an eeriness that's hard to place.
We encouraged this eeriness in our early years and read up on the weaving society that once thrived.
The impassioned fanfares of the jubilant Sin fonietta are followed by the gloomy atmosphere of The Fiddler's Child, ensued by The Ballad of Blanik, breathing the eeriness of old myths, while the final Taras Bulba interconnects everything, with the patriotic pathos reoccurring.
Flares seem to hang in the sky above our heads in the veiled eeriness of time held still as the streets empty and darken at curfew.
Bartholomeusz pens inevitable showdown sections with crafty eeriness, maintaining tension as swift encounters with darkness propel the characters forward.