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in an unnatural eery manner


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And old family secret emerges from the depths of his mother's memory and hovers over Earwig's family long after Jimmy's departure and disappearance on the Bataan Peninsula, which eerily mirrors a similar family occurrence during World War I.
As Johnny and his father's lives continue miles apart, they become eerily similar.
Carved out of the geological flesh of the crater, the skycatching and skywatching spaces have a primeval intensity, as if they had been once inhabited, like the Valley of the Kings in Egypt or Chitzen Itza in Mexico, but are now an eerily vacant monument to a lost civilization.
In one photo a sprawling chemical complex and a bank of gray clouds loom behind one of Louisiana's above-ground cemeteries; in another, a grizzled tree stump and what looks like an old smokestack are the only distinguishing features on a stretch of eerily clear and calm river.
Taking a humorous twist on the ancient myth, it depicts "La Llorona" as she walks through an eerily quiet house, weeping.
With a cover eerily similar to the X from LAs first LP, this was recorded around the same time ('79) and just plaln kicks ass.
Breach seems, oddly, the work of a younger man, despite the gruff foghorn of Jakob's voice, which is eerily reminiscent of his father's.
This whole film was eerily similar to Bill Clinton's dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.
In what reads eerily like a corporate version of George Orwell's 1984, companies are increasingly using high-tech gadgetry to monitor the professional lives of their workers.
But although the ancient astrologer's predictions have been eerily close to the truth on occasions, The Mirror prefers to look on the bright side in 1999.
Williams is essential reading for those of us who are baffled by the ever-mutating, eerily familiar presence of hatred in the United States.
are transformed eerily as if all of Barcelona's landmarks had been sent through Ellis Island.
Near a precipice that bends eerily into a dusty, lighted work area, an upright girder and the surrounding concrete floor has been lifted with the force of the explosion, like a great tree whose roots have pushed up but held through the storm.
Patterns over the last three months have been eerily similar to last year," says Bob Willis, ECA president.
Just because ``Jericho'' eerily reflects our society's current anxiety as few TV shows have dared doesn't mean people will happily tune in.