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any of various small free-living plant-parasitic roundworms

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I can't expect the same from my maincrop which are turning yellow as I watch, a sure sign of premature death probably from water or potato cyst eelworm.
It sounds like a nasty infestation of narcissus eelworm.
A new variety of main crop potato called Rubesse is said to have eelworm resistance and disease resistance (I wonder which diseases?
Fresh ground which has not grown strawberries previously should be used to minimize risk of infection from red core disease or eelworm.
ATomatoes can be grafted on to a rootstock which is resistant to certain fungal root diseases and eelworm.
I know some growers try to kill off an eelworm that attacks chrysanthemums by sterilising or using chemicals.
Q Last year my potatoes had swollen root nodules that were diagnosed as root eelworm.
As a general rule, it's all right to compost the stalks or haulms, but if there was any sign of disease, eg blight or eelworm, burn the lot or dispose of it in your wheelie bin.
These will be followed by the first early Winston, another white that is said to be resistant to disease, virus and eelworm.
There is also a nematode, a microscopic eelworm, which is a parasite of vine weevils.
Their stock is said to be extra-healthy, 95 per cent virus-free and clear of white rot and eelworm infestations.
3 Eelworm army advances - if you take a look at www.
When buying phlox, beware of twisted, contorted or curled foliage - a sure sign of phlox eelworm.
If you'v e got Phlox and all the lower leaves shrivel up and go brown, there is a good chance that this is Phlox eelworm.
This is certainly down to either eelworm or virus and in either case I would dig up the bulbs and burn them.