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the fatty flesh of eel

voracious snakelike marine or freshwater fishes with smooth slimy usually scaleless skin and having a continuous vertical fin but no ventral fins

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A recent audit of a river near Kings Lynn resulted in a record illegal eel net seizure; 16 nets in total capable of significantly impacting an emigrating eel population hundreds of eels were released.
A security guard recaptured one of the eels after it hopped out of the bag, Lee said.
The study showed some eels had less staying power and chose the quickest route, travelling from Europe and spawning in early spring six months after leaving.
The five-foot eel - thought to be two decades old - was found in a canal after the water was scoured during a pollution incident.
Rypina said that while female eels may lay on the order of five million eggs, only about one-third of those hatch into larvae.
A long-finned eel, with the dorsal fin originating well ahead of the anal (anodorsal distance = 9-17% of total length) but closer to the anus than to the gill slit.
The American eel is an endangered species and results from this research will help bridge the knowledge gap of the migratory patterns and routes to aid in understanding its life cycle.
Tony buys his eels from the eel guy, Marty, from Holland Seafoods in Arapahoe, NC.
Catania has tussled with eels using what he calls his electric eel chew toy--an electrode-fitted dead fish on a stick--to measure current.
Eels are known to cross short distances of land between water sources but Surf Snowdonia believe the most likely explanation would be that they entered the water in a holding bay between the hydro-electric plant and the lagoon.
With the eels between two and three feet in length the slippery customers were successfully caught and moved into large plastic drums, which were aerated using plant air.
New changes include increasing the minimum size limit to 9 inches; decreasing the catch limit to 25 eels (with a 50-fish exception for the captain and/or crew of a party or charter boat); and prohibiting the sale of eel taken from Lake Ontario or its tributaries, as well as the St.
Customs officers at Sofia International Airport have thwarted an attempt to smuggle into Bulgaria two million European baby eels, a critically endangered species.
Having delicious eels at the Mandarin Westboro's sushi bar last week brought back many good memories.
Specifically, American eels hatch in the Sargasso Sea and subsequently move into freshwater or estuarine environments (from Greenland to South America; Lamson et al.