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elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth

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There is evidence that eelpouts (Hart 1973), english sole (Hart 1973, Lassuy 1989), sand sole (Hart 1973, Butler 1980, Miller 1982), and staghorn sculpins (Hart 1973) prey on crustaceans like shrimp.
medius, Poroclinus rothrocki Other eelpouts * Lycodes spp.
Declining species included several flatfish species and many smaller roundfish species of sculpins, eelpouts (Lycodes spp.
Instead, eelpouts, pricklebacks, euphausiids, and walleye pollock were important food of arrowtooth flounder, and euphausiids (83% by weight) were the main food of walleye pollock.
This study shows that eelpouts, Tanner crabs, crangonids, hermit crabs, polychaetes, and echiuroids were the principal prey of Pacific cod collected in Pavlof Bay in 1995.
wilsoni), sharpchin, rosethorn, and yellowtail, dominated all substrates except mud, where Dover sole and blackbelly eelpouts (Lycodes pacificus) were most abundant.
Other individual fish species and groups identified below the generic classification level were dominated by eelpout (Zoarcidae), ratfish, skates and rays (Raja), and greenling (Hexagrammos spp.
rosenblatti greenblotched rockfish Sebastes babcocki redbanded rockfish -- -- Zoarcidae unidentified eelpouts 0.