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submerged marine plant with very long narrow leaves found in abundance along North Atlantic coasts

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The historical texts, whereas not fully quantitative, also provided us with insights into the interactions between oyster beds and eelgrass beds, another important estuarine habitat.
This substance is considered a poison to the eelgrass and can also gather up in big amounts, eventually looking like a huge seabed.
The circles of eelgrass can be up to 15 meters in diameter and their rim consists of lush green eelgrass plants.
Some of them get caught up in the eelgrass, creating rogue bioluminescent communities as far south as Inverness.
Eelgrass meadows in shallow inlets are important nursery habitats for cod, for example.
The recommended plan involves dredging about 40 acres of tidal shoal area in Ninigret Pond and planting eelgrass to restore aquatic habitat.
Nearly all of the Pacific Flyway's black brant feed on the rich eelgrass beds at Isembek Lagoon on the Alaska Peninsula.
Change to the foreshore could impact on eelgrass beds which are a very important food resource for the populations of birds in Lough Foyle.
2011 Constellation Energy EcoStar Grant Winner: Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory- Community-Based Conservation of Eelgrass Habitat in Western Bay.
Services May Include: (1) Phase I And Phase Ii Site Assessments (2) Preliminary Endangerment Assessments (3) Feasibility Studies (4) Remedial Action Plans (5) Remedial Program Management (6) Limited Remediation Projects (7) Dredging Project Tasks Including: Permitting, Monitoring, And Mitigation Monitoring (8) Wetlands Delineation (9) Eelgrass Surveys (10) Shoreline Erosion Studies (11) Npdes Permitting And Compliance Program Implementation (12) Asbestos, Lead Paint And Other Hazardous Building Material Surveys (13) Other Special Assignments And Tasks As May Be Required By District Environmental & Land Use Management Staff.
Seasonal changes in eelgrass functions: current velocity reduction, prevention of sediment resuspension, and control of sediment-water column nutrient flux in relation to eelgrass dynamics.