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shaped in the form of an eel

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These eel-shaped fish, about 40 centimeters long, use their rasping teeth to scrape bits of meat off carcasses.
As the nematodes feed, they start to swell, changing from eel-shaped to pear-shaped.
The conodonts were small, eel-shaped animals without any vertebral column, which measured a few tenths of a millimetre in length, and inhabited the seas during the Palaeozoic era and became extinct at the end of the Triassic (around 205 million years ago).
The objects appeared to belong to an animal, but the shape of the missing creature remained unclear until 1983, when scientists discovered the toothlike pieces at the front end of an eel-shaped fossil from Scotland.
The nematodes-transparent, microscopic, eel-shaped worms-drain nutrients from soybean roots.