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  • verb

Synonyms for educe

to call forth or bring out (something latent, hidden, or unexpressed)

to arrive at through reasoning

Synonyms for educe

deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning)

develop or evolve from a latent or potential state

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Management could put emphasis on educing claims payment in particular rather then expense in general, management should control all claims, not just the large ones, claim n charge should possess appropriate evel of skills to control Leakage and train sub ordinate how to prevent Leakage or overpayment.
More a call to action for the organized accumulation of vital data than a repository of concrete answers, Educing Information begins a laborious process to address that question.
93There was an idea that Fatah would be fighting Hamas and r= educing terrorism,=94 and a drop in terrorism was credited to Fatah, he sai= d.
social equality mechanisms mainly through educing disparities in terms of income, added Lahlimi.
As highlighted in the Intelligence Science Board's 2006 landmark study, Educing Information: Interrogation: Science and Art, Foundations for the Future, the US government has funded no significant research programs on interrogation-related topics in the past 40 years.
The SwANH conference, which draws more than 100 companies in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, is aimed at educing and informing people in the software industry about the latest technology, trends and business issues.
Does Milton's poetry really depend upon rhetoric rather t han ratiocination, and in Paradise Lost is the artistic sin of rendering God "a bore, possibly a tyrant" (139) not part of a complex and programmatic educing of unpleasant truths about ourselves?
R educing the saturated fat content in your diet is often all that is necessary.
One result, however, is a sort of critical blindering, by which I mean a safe, descriptive neutrality that can easily point to lots and lots of "similarities" and "parallels"--which may be simultaneously undeniable and unconvincing, interesting and distracting, tenable and inconsequential--without ever educing their significance.
educing to an absolute minimum the church teachings and beliefs that are to be considered essential to the Catholic faith.