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Synonyms for educative

Synonyms for educative

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Les principes fondateurs de la composante educative sont compris dans cette charte qui sera soumise a signature ce 29 novembre.
La qualite educative des pays est un indicateur issu des donnees du Rapport global de la competitivite pour l'annee 2008 (JELLAL 2015).
For me, it has always been essential that all programmes and educative activities have a local partner -- and thus a local beneficiary.
He also explained that the reduced numbers of educative TV programmes that are being shown on Arab TV nowadays are often not given priority, enough coverage or publicity.
This paper explores the nursing literature to identify the educative process and essential features of debriefing.
VIEWING the Parliament channel, ever an entertaining and educative experience, left me wondering - not for the first time - what MPs get up to, politically not personally.
He said this program is designed especially for the students to encourage them to participate in the healthy, meaningful and educative outdoor student oriented activities.
The Council showcased the research achievements and contributions in the area of biomedical sciences with the help of attractive and educative display material.
Well known in most educative institutions of SW Miami.
As part of the campaign, posters inscribed with educative slogans regarding the crucial link between plants and environmental purity will be displayed in different parts of the country, where pollution levels are scaringly high.
Integrating 'digital natives' into the age-old frameworks of the university and the workplace will not be without its challenges, but with the right educative policies and adequate infrastructure everything is achievable.
VitaNat marketing manager Jeremy Edwards is aware that the vitamin K2 contribution to health is still relatively unknown: "Whilst recognition of the research and the impact of vitamin K2 is steadily growing, we can help the educative process by taking the VitNat branded product direct to retail.
Contrairement aux monographies sur l'evolution de l'enseignement au Bas-Canada et au Quebec d'Andree Dufour (Tous a l'ecole, Etat, communautes locales et scolarisation au Quebec de 1826 a 1859, 1996) et de Jean-Pierre Charland (L'entreprise educative au Quebec, 1840-1900, 2000), qui evoquaient une entreprise educative ou population locale et Etat interagissaient afin de scolariser les masses, l'auteure entend souligner l'effort local: << brosser un tableau ou commissaires, contribuables, enseignants et eleves contribuem, chacun a leur maniere a faconner le monde scolaire du XIXe siecle et, en particulier en Mauricie >> (p.
Ecosystemes aquatiques, intervention educative et chimie computationnelle sont les domaines mis en lumiere.
Kudos to New African for all your educative articles.