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Synonyms for educational

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Only Punjab, with 13 ' educationally backward districts', has shown interest and started the process of submitting the proposals to the University Grants Commission for clearance.
Despite the mandate issued by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) Act of 2001 (United States Department of Education [USDOE], 2004), to close the achievement gap, many of America's children are being left behind educationally and will continue to be left behind educationally because the circumstances associated with living in poverty have not been considered.
The younger children are settled in school, have formed good friendships and are doing well educationally.
Ideal for classroom use, holiday celebration, home schooling, or just plain educationally oriented family fun.
These educationally based departments can provide a critical conduit for allied law enforcement agencies and their access to university high-tech resources and personnel and serve as a mechanism to ensure investigative integrity.
2001: An international survey revealed that British teenagers were among the most educationally able in the world.
Made up of former educators, with years of educationally oriented training expertise under their belts, these authorized third-party trainers are well-equipped to guide K-12 administrators and teachers through the basics of palmOne handheld operation, school implementation strategies, curriculum applications, and related handheld topics.
Educationally disadvantaged Simon met a pie man Going to to fair Said educationally disdvantaged Simon to the pie man 'Let me taste your ware' The pie man said to educationally disadvantaged Simon 'Let me see your penny' But educationally disadvantaged Simon stuck two fingers at the pie man Saying 'I huv'nae got any, ya tube ye
They were better prepared educationally (and perhaps emotionally), wealthier, and less focused on the pre-professional function of higher education; they were also more male and white.
City of the Sun elaborates a communist utopia, in which private property does not exist, children are raised by the state, everyone works, and all jobs have equal dignity; the city is built as a series of seven concentric rings of walls; all available knowledge is written and illustrated on the city walls, which are thus meant to make the city not only militarily impregnable, but also intellectually and educationally superior.
Dozens of educationally unqualified over 16s have been deprived of the chance of completing their education and forced to join the ranks of the unemployed.
As it ascends, these become more educationally challenging, so it literally expresses a learning curve (or ramp) from childhood in the children's library at the lowest level to the more sophisticated needs of adult study and research, finally culminating in a long toplit space for communion with the Internet and a row of carrels like modern monks' cells for concentrated private study.
What was once chaotic is now more orderly, and, as Brian Jacob's research suggests, students seem to be moving ahead educationally.
But the many students who came out of her School more fully alive after, studying with her proved the benefit of what I now see was an educationally rock-solid strategy of tough love.
This year's programs were planned to be active and educationally beneficial.
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