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2] Embedding of journalists provides an informal vehicle for educating journalists themselves, which can only enhance their communication of national security issues to the public.
The winner, Melissa Sconyers, is a 16-year-old who, after educating herself abo ut the Web design language HTML, began her own online design company.
If one prisoner becomes a productive citizen due to education in prison, it's worth educating a hundred.
KH: Valent takes a proactive, integrated approach to educating growers about its products and environmental stewardship.
The city's philosophy is to educate, re-educate and keep educating with a voice of reason and calm.
Nations can no longer afford to be left behind in educating their people because today's technologies are produced by well-educated countries and are designed for an educated labor force,
To counsel girls in junior high and high school of career opportunities, especially in math, science, and traditional male jobs, as well as educating them on how to succeed with both a career and a family.
In previous years, if a building had been broken into, a new aluminum vestibule door, for example, was put in with not much thought about educating the residents about how to use it or how to prevent other building assaults.
Logic suggests that a key to shaping the future of public relations is accurately educating those sitting in our high school and college classrooms today.
Educating parents about resources available like the Hippo car seat or at minimum how to correctly utilize their existing car seat,
The campaign began educating the entire industry, including beef and dairy producers, seed stock producers, breed associations, and A.
But full inclusion, or educating special education students in neighborhood schools instead of at special centers and other programs for the disabled, is not necessarily the answer, regardless of what the ACLU or the murky federal guidelines determines is fair.
the foremost nonprofit in New York City dedicated to educating urban youth about international affairs, and Gamelab, New York City's largest game development company, announce the release of the exciting online game, Ayiti: The Cost of Life (theCostofLife.
They often face the difficult tasks of educating non-farm audiences about important rural issues and defending the family farm, both on air and off.
She has been a major force in educating and empowering our nation's underserved youth, as the Banking on Our Future lead," said John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE founder and CEO.