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Synonyms for educated

Synonyms for educated

having an education

characterized by discriminating taste and broad knowledge as a result of development or education

provided with information; made aware

Synonyms for educated

possessing an education (especially having more than average knowledge)

characterized by full comprehension of the problem involved


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The charity said: "We have long called for a compulsory regiser for children who are educated at home.
An educated mother can serve her country in the sense she brings up good citizens.
According to the organisation's website, they have educated more than 400 children through their education programmes.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Capital Police has decided to promote the highly educated police personnel on fast track as compare to less educated personnel.
But high police officials have said that fast track promotion will boost the moral of educated police personnel and it will also not effect the departmental promotion of less educated employees.
Our study suggests that the less educated are dropping out of the American religious sector, similarly to the way in which they have dropped out of the American labor market," said lead researcher W.
I read Maged Thabet's article entitled 'To marry educated or uneducated women?
This causes the gap between the wage of the high educated and that of the low educated to widen with a lag and accordingly can provide a possible explanation to the lagged procyclical skill premium.
A home schooling parent had appealed to the Court that the ban violated their right to ensure that their children were educated "in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.
With guidance from her husband, Donna educated herself about business and finance, gradually learning to invest in mutual funds while contributing $600 per month to her retirement fund.
3) Further, "warfighting is the greatest challenge to a student's capacity for dealing with the unknown, and those trained as opposed to educated, have seldom managed to muster the wherewithal to cope with that environment.
Better educated women have smaller, healthier, better educated families--the same is not necessarily true of educated men--and educated women earn higher wages than their educated male counterparts.
For Situational Analysis and Recommendations for Internationally Educated Medical Radiation, to understand better the barriers faced by the technicians as they go through the Canadian assessment and certification process, and to recommend ways to ensure an efficient and fair national assessment and certification process for work in Canada.
For example, a 2004 study, funded by the National Home Education Research Institute and called "Home Educated and Now Adults," concluded that "Based on the findings of this study, the concerns .
White, black and Hispanic immigrants with fewer than 12 years of schooling were less likely than their native-born counterparts to have a low-birth-weight baby, but findings were inconsistent among better educated women.