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capable of being educated

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Ya habiamos dicho tangencialmente que la pedagogia, en cuanto filosofia de la educacion (su reflexion axiologica), ya no tiene por objeto la imagen de sociedad hacia la cual queremos llevar al ser humano (el educar), sino que su objeto es el sujeto educable, que se constituye en el reconocimiento del otro (alteridad).
A comparison of the learning styles of educable mentally retarded students and learning disabled students (Doctoral dissertation, The University of Mississippi, 1982).
Table 1 Demographic Data Number of Subjects 108 Mean Age (range) 10 years, 2 months (5-2 through 17-1) Gender 77 male, 31 female Race 85 White 13 American Indian 8 Black 2 Asian Insurance Status 58 Medicaid 40 uninsured 10 privately insured Intelligence Quotient (IQ) (72 subjects) Mean (SD) Full Scale IQ 85 (19) Range of Verbal IQ 52-327 Range of Performance IQ 58-142 Academic Achievement (72 subjects) Reading deficient 34 (47%) Math deficient 37 (51%) Writing deficient 38 (53%) Special Education Status Not in special education 62 Learning Disabled 32 Educable Mentally Handicapped 5 Behavioral Emotional Handicapped 7 Traumatic Brain Injured 1 Other Health Impaired 1 Related Services Not receiving related services 76 Speech and language 28 Occupational therapy 4 Physical therapy 1
Stern concluded that Catholic schools are "constantly reminding us that the neediest kids are educable and that spending extravagant sums of money isn't the answer.
It is a fundamental and legally recognized principle in Scottish education that all children are educable.
In the preface to Mainstreaming: Educable Mentally Retarded Children in Regular Classes (Birch, 1974), Maynard C.
In a rank-order society, where access to a decently paying job is limited and egalitarianism is not a shared deity, everyone may be educable to new high standards, but not everyone can have the rewards that once came with such education.
The effects of semantic familiarity and information load on the arithmetical verbal problem-solving performance of children in special classes for the educable mentally retarded.
The first holds that passions are judgments, assents to appearances; since they are modifications of the soul's rational faculty, the passions are educable.
Such schools did not replace the welfare asylums, but reflected a special niche for educable children.
Sobre William James, se ha estudiado la dimension educable de su teoria de la voluntad y su contribucion al debate en torno a la educacion para la autonomia personal.
Reacting against the dominant Christian theological view that human nature was fundamentally corrupt and in need of divine guidance and deliverance from itself, Kant and Jefferson endorsed the optimistic view that regarded human beings as fundamentally rational and profoundly educable.
Students with educable mental disabilities and low incidence disabilities tended to have the most transition goals written.
The two contexts inform each other, particularly in discussions of sex and gender: if males are assumed to be more rational and educable than females, their social and political preeminence may be justified.