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As proposed in the following section, the notions of employability and educability are seen as keys to measuring the supposed ability of individuals and, thus, to explain the social positions that they occupy.
The progressive internal flow of thought originally started by wonder should subsequently develop into introspective wonder before the individual's inner self, a process that extends throughout the time of his educability (Musaio, 2010).
Ling points out that liberal Protestant Christianity, in contrast with conservative, fundamentalist Protestantism, had certain distinctive theological presuppositions: the educability of man, the immanence of God, emphasis on the humanity of Christ, and the hope of the coming kingdom through social reform.
The educability of the child in this developmental narrative is demonstrated, in Bernstein's words, by its "performance of forgetting" (8).
With sound and progressively evolving human organisms in the majority of our species, problems of human behavior will be minimized, and there will be improved educability.
In terms of educability, Valencia (1997) states that educators frequently attribute school failure to students, and success to themselves.
In the 1890s, as the first generation of lycee-and normal-school-educated females reached their twenties, as the French birthrate sputtered and deaths sometimes exceeded births, (4) and as the feminist movement flowered, arguments about the female role in society became more truculent and the question of women's educability and cerebral capacity resurfaced in texts prescribing normative femininity.
This pedagogical mission was a deeply human, all absorbing enterprise, based as it was on the belief of such individuals as the seventeenth-century bishop and author, Francois Fenelon, in the reformability, and the educability of the human being.
There is a significant relationship between consideration and inherent and incremental intelligence; commitment and incremental: educability and contextual; coordination with educability and contextual; expectation and incremental.
An unpublished English translation of a paper by Binet called 'The Educability of Intelligence' .
1696-1723) proposed her ideal curriculum of women's conversation, Bathsua Makin (1600-1675) wrote An Essay to Revive the Antient Education of Gentlewomen in Religion, Manners, Arts & Tongues (1673), in which she argued against custom and for the educability of women.
I suppose that Freire would have appreciated this because I think he meant that educability is an attitude as much as it is the outward manifestations of pedagogy.
Identifying characteristics of early experience that related to educability, she developed an intervention designed to offset the cumulative deficits for these three-year-olds, targeting language, concept development, and motivation.
Lillian Weber believed fiercely that we need to show unswerving faith in the intelligence of teachers and the educability of all children.