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duck-billed dinosaur from Canada found as a fossilized mummy with skin

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The Sternbergs later found another example nearby of the same kind of dinosaur, a species of duck-billed plant eater that is now called Edmontosaurus annectens.
It wasn't until she got to work on her first major dinosaur - the Edmontosaurus, a duckbill dinosaur - that she truly understood paleontologists' undying fascination with these ancient animals.
The Field sponsored early expeditions toMontana and New Mexico; among the paleontological treasures brought back and on display are Albertosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Lambeosaurus, and Triceratops.
No coats are needed for a trip across the "Land of Ice" where visitors meet two dinosaurs, a Troodon and Edmontosaurus, who made their homes in the cold climate of Alaska.
Gregory Erickson, a paleobiologist at Florida State University, and colleagues studied nearly 70-million-year-old Edmontosaurus teeth and found two additional dental tissues, the researchers report in the Oct.
rex came out very high, equivalent in numbers to Edmontosaurus, which many people had thought was its primary prey," said Horner.
But Edmontosaurus, the 6m dinosaur skeleton, would hardly have recognised the place as it got all four of his feet back behind the desk.
With the opening of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Prosaurolophus and Edmontosaurus are visible from the new Bloor Street entrance--a fitting drawing card for a museum famous for its hadrosaur collection.
Dinosaurs that will inhabit the earth for those three months will include the Texas state dinosaur Pleurocoelus; a Quetzalcoatlus perched in a forest of cycads and palms; a vicious Bambiraptors looking for prey in a tropical rainforest; the herbivorous 30-foot-long, duck-billed Kritosaurus; a mother Edmontosaurus carefully guarding her eggs; a 6' centipede; two 3' dragonflies; some 12" cockroaches, and of course, the giant, fearsome meat-eating T-Rex.
The Edmontosaurus was a large, toothless dinosaur from the same time period as the T-Rex.
Looking at the direction of the most dominant scratches, study coauthor Mark Purnell of the University of Leicester in England and his colleagues conclude that Edmontosaurus probably had hinges in its upper jaw, allowing the top teeth to flare out as the mouth closed.
The Window On Our World tower will also house a Minke whale skeleton, an Edmontosaurus dinosaur and a number of smaller items such as a Viking brooch and gold coins from the Armada treasures.
The collection just got a little better with the recent purchase of a complete and relatively uncrushed skull of Edmontosaurus annectens from South Dakota, a species that would have lived alongside Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops.
According to a report in New Scientist, Bill Sellers and his team used a laser scanner to create a 3D computer model of the skeleton of an Edmontosaurus, a type of hadrosaur or "duck-billed" dinosaur, and added virtual muscles to make it move.
Before that final battle, though, Sue apparently dined on Edmontosaurus.