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Morgan, who gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into press standards, has insisted there was no phone hacking during his editorship.
Siraj resigned from editorship when the Martial Law regime of Gen Zia took over the paper in late 1977.
The Society of Plastics Engineers together with the broader polymer science and engineering community and the current editors of Polymer Engineering and Science and Polymer Composites would like to express their immense gratitude to Professor Robert (Bob) Weiss for his many years of dedicated service to the editorship of Polymer Engineering and Science and Polymer Composites.
This issue of Defense AT&L magazine marks a change in the managing editorship.
This smug, arrogant, selfopinionated bore bleats about "personal vilification", conveniently forgetting that it was under his editorship of the paper that the offensive, and disgracefully inaccurate headline, "Hillsborough, The Truth", appeared.
While I cannot hope my editorship will much resemble his, I enter into this new role with my confidence buoyed, both by his continued guidance and example, and by the quality of the contributions to this, my first issue, the articles in which locus on the Renaissance, my own field.
Bob switched to the editorship of the Sunday Mirror in 1972 and held the post for 12 years.
to appear contact Jones currently holds this position as well as the editorship of AIMS' Distance Running magazine which he started in 2000.
At the time of assuming the SAJR editorship with Volume 12, Issue 1 in 2008, I alluded to the necessity of always being aware of the need to bring in new blood, and am delighted at Razaan's appointment accordingly.
Mr Farrington said: "I'm delighted to take up the editorship of Wales on Sunday and I'm looking forward to both maintaining and developing the unique Welsh flavour of the paper in a highly competitive Sunday market.
Thomas O'Neill, is part of the Belfield Italian Library published by UCD's Foundation for Italian Studies under the general editorship of Ireland's leading Italian scholar.
Since last July, the journal has been under the new editorship of Quinn Pearson, PhD, LPC, at the University of North Alabama.
Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Francisco, Father Kendall brings to his editorship a long and distinguished career in publishing and editing.
Mr Coulson resigned from Number 10 in January as claims were growing about the extent of phone hacking under his editorship of the Sunday tabloid.
Brooks has been under pressure about her former editorship of the embattled tabloid News of the World (NoW).