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an article giving opinions or perspectives

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So the Anglican Journal is editorially independent; now what?
The BBC's proposed Farsi TV Channel is an editorially independent specialist TV service for the people of Iran and I am pleased to announce that we are making available the resources for this today.
Nature Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary journal editorially independent of Nature, but still adheres to the same editorial and publishing values.
GMTV bosses will now trawl through their vast archive of tapes to ensure any mentions made by Phillips could be justified editorially.
Production chief Mr Bannister told The Mirror: "We have taken the decision to shorten the Vanessa show to improve it editorially.
Pernick surveyed a geographically and editorially diverse set of newspapers, as well as elite publications like medical journals, and, from the coverage of Haiselden's actions, culled every instance he could find of individuals' expressions of opinion on the issue of how to treat abnormal newborns.
However, as we said editorially in early December, the Justice Department could and should call for an independent counsel if credible and specific evidence suggested that higher officials (such as the president) were involved in illegal activity.
Another reason was the strong stand taken editorially in the St.
But as the New Republic pointed out editorially, if the congressman had spewed "Barney Kike" or "Barney Nigger," the reverberations, justifiably, would be felt today, months later.
Winners in the additional 11 categories are either peer-to-peer or editorially selected.
Riyadh, Nov 05, SPA -- Saudi newspapers published today commented editorially on current local and Arab issues.
There is also a practical reason why Anglican Journal remains editorially independent.
Under the extended agreement, LookSmart will provide Road Runner subscribers with editorially reviewed Web site results, powered by its award- winning WiseNut search technology.
Whereas many bands deployed these familiar indierock tropes almost editorially, Bikini Kill's music stood out as direct, expressive, and polemically present.
Editorially, Starting Out Healthy, as we've already pointed out, is chock-full of practical information for parents.