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insert personal opinions into an objective statement

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The "Sweet Earth" series also relies heavily on accompanying texts which resist editorializing on their subjects via controlled, neutral language (unless they quote a speaker).
Laughing, editorializing, and asserting personal opinions.
Alexander Panetta of the Canadian Press repeated essentially the same words, though again his own editorializing created the illusion that the Cardinal was condemning the Timmins case and only supporting Bishop Fabbro.
The real news is fake news now: You've got all these pundits on Fox editorializing and saying it's the news, and even poor old Dan Rather screwing up the way he did.
It's important to note that the problem is not editorializing in the news coverage.
This is Nelson Lee's book as is; there is no editorializing and no notes that warn that Lee may not be entirely reliable.
The BBC's Richard Black indulged in an uncharacteristic and welcome bit of editorializing in reporting the issue, closing his story with "According to some estimates, coral reefs are the main source of protein for around ten million people worldwide.
Ironically, the Jesus of history recedes even further under the impact of multi-layered editorializing in the Gospels traditions.
It is a thoughtful and disturbing look at the causes and effects of this devastating plague, offered to us without editorializing or sentimentality.
The Times' sin, according to the multicount indictment, was that it was editorializing against the looming war against Iraq--on page one.
The rigorously close, third-person narration in No Lease on Life allows for neither editorializing commentary nor the evasions of an "I.
Editorializing against the endorsement, the National Catholic Reporter asserted that "Ralph Reed has some serious explaining to do to the Catholics he so ardently courted last election season.
It all seems so simple - until the camera's editorializing begins and your personality stands jay-naked on a glossy print.
Malcolm's quote "triggered what Columbia Journalism Review called more newsroom and cocktail-party debate, more belligerent editorializing and more honest soul-searching than almost any other article on journalism ever had," write Goodwin and Smith.
Although the authors unfortunately lessen the book's value by editorializing, the publication is wonderfully worded in simple, easy-to-understand language.