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insert personal opinions into an objective statement

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And less than a year ago, following a series of investigative articles, the Houston Chronicle editorialized that Ruben Cantu "was almost assuredly innocent when killed by the state of Texas.
I give zero weight to the survey because of the incredible amount of mean-spirited, nonconstructive vitriolic nonsense, both those things written by deputies and the editorialized version by ALADS,'' Tyler said.
In a cover story nearly three decades ago, the magazine investigated and editorialized on the issue.
And the New York Times editorialized, 'For a moment we could see out of the darkness when all men may become brothers.
A complaint was also filed by an individual in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, relating to commentaries by Mark Hyman that editorialized about Mr.
The Washington Post and the Times even editorialized against the AMT.
As The New York Times has editorialized, this creates a situation "rife with security problems.
Take the example of the major metropolitan newspaper that strongly editorialized on the need for the federal "assault-style weapons" ban to be extended beyond its September 2004 sunset provision.
In a recent Denver Post, Senator Ben Campbell (R-CO) editorialized that "environmental groups" were preventing authorities from effectively fighting fires.
Solomon, editor of the Florida Baptist Witness, rarely editorialized about the war; in fact, apart from a regular column entitled "This Changing World" by Georgia's Louie D.
Japan's Finance Minister Kiichi Miyazawa would be a good choice from Australia's perspective to succeed ailing Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi due to Miyazawa's credentials as an economic manager, an Australian newspaper editorialized Tuesday.
The Topeka Capital-Journal editorialized that creationism "is as good an explanation as any" for the origin of the universe.
Meanwhile, the Nation editorialized Monday that ''Clinton has lost the trust that has been given by the American people.
For the Nye County commissioners to seize a national forest makes as much sense as having the city of New York seize the Statue of Liberty," the Seattle Post-Intelligencer recently editorialized.
A more sentimental one would have editorialized, damply, over the loss of so talented a young man.