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insert personal opinions into an objective statement

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However, such tools are very constraining on the forms of editorialization and display (imposing classification categories and home pages organization).
Aggregation and editorialization of streaming media, especially when combined with analytics.
Further, Wojnarowicz's editorialization of his friend's aim--to "find some measure of language for his state of mind"--is one that posits a "state of mind" as a necessary complement to expressing a "state of body.
Northrup's humor lightens his conveyance, which allows him to provide strong opinions through artistic endeavor rather than through editorialization.
Some ad-networks specialize in the selection and editorialization of Web 2.
The researchers found an average of 31 interpretation errors per encounter, including omission, substitution, and editorialization.
Rendering invisible the scene various of its narrative antecedents labor hard to detail, Much Ado makes risibly audible the kind of moralizing, sentimentalizing editorialization those narratives not atypically voice.
They might have been able to save it if they changed a few pieces of sheet metal, but instead somebody edited the data they got and senior management was making decisions on some pretty intensive editorialization.